UFO Challenge 2011- January is complete!


Well, January is over and I wanted to let you know my progress in my UFO Challenge. What is a UFO? A little green man in a spaceship? No. It’s an “unfinished object”, silly. Bet that if you are a crafter, that you have a few lying around. My challenge for this year is to finish one UFO per month and document it along the way. That way you can hold me accountable and most likely, I’ll break my neck to finish it. Because my reputation is on the line! I have pride here, folks!

Or maybe it’s because my family is getting really tired of moving UFO’s out of their way to sit down at the kitchen table.

Just saying.

Anyway, my UFO for January was a 4′ x 4′ Round Robin Wall Quilt. There were 6 of us participating in this round robin and each of us bought our own fabric, designed and pieced the center square. Then passed it off to the next person along with the extra fabric to continue the next round. Once all six had contributed, the finished top was presented to the originator of the center square. Then all that was needed was for it to be quilted and hung. That was back in 2002. That’s no typo. This project has been sitting around for nine years.
And it is now complete!!! My January UFO is ready to hang up in my kitchen. (I’ve had a certain wall picked out for this one for years).
And now I am ready to start my February project! This month, I chose to finish a Christmas ornament needlepunch kit. I’ve probably had this project going now for about 3 years. If you aren’t familiar with the technique, it is using a tool to “punch” thread such as embroidery floss through weavers cloth, creating a colorful picture. I remember that I liked needlepunching. Why did I set the project down? You know there was probably something new and shiny that caught my eye. I have crafters ADD.

If you would like to join the UFO Challenge, go to my Flickr Pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/ufo2011/pool/ and post a before photo of your UFO. Then come back at the end of the month and post the finished photo. There will be celebrations. There will be unbridled joy. There will be space in your closet…

I will feature your finished UFO’s next month! 


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  • Whitney February 3, 2011, 10:02 pm

    That's an awesome idea. The only UFO I have is my scrapbook, which is an ongoing project since I add pictures when I get them developed. The only problem is, I can take hundreds of pictures every week/month–depending on where I go. So it has gotten really expensive and I am currently stuck in 2008. LOL. Any ideas on how to remedy this??

    P.S. You don't have ADD, you have ADOS; Attention Deficit…OOOoOOOoo Shiny!

  • lovelygrey February 3, 2011, 9:19 pm

    UFOa – What a good idea! Looks liek I inadvertently completed a project in January (see http://lovelygreyday.blogspot.com/2011/01/finishing-what-i-started.html). Will have to see what I can do for the rest of the months this year!


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