UFO Challenge 2011

As usual, I’m way behind on my UFO Challenge.  Back in January, I had challenged myself to complete one UFO (Unfinished Object) per month.  I honestly have so many to choose from that the selection each month is difficult.  But it is the result of my crafting ADD and I just really need to give myself a bit more shelf space.  Besides that, I absolutely love all my UFOs.  If there was a way to add several crafting hours in my day, I certainly would do it. 

Anyway, my UFO project for July is finally complete, believe it or not.  I had chosen something that I figured would take merely an afternoon to complete.  I wanted to be ahead on this challenge.  But that was not to be.  I had chosen two wooden 3D puzzles that I had purchased quite a while ago, thinking that the finished versions would look awesome on my book shelves in the study.  I had purchased the Seattle Space Needle and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  (Not the actual towers, mind you- the puzzles.  It would be difficult to fit the actual towers on my bookshelf.  Just saying).

Anyway, I neglected to actually read the part on the box that said it was a puzzle.  I figured I would just open it up and put all the little wooden pieces together according to the instructions and create a fabulous conversation piece for my study.  Right.  I spent two solid days trying to put these suckers together as in the spirit of a “puzzle”, they did not give me directions.  I finally got the Space Needle puzzle together after much struggling and wringing of hands.  As for the Tower of Pisa.  Not so much.

My daughter finally had to come in and give me a hand.  As she says, “You have to be smarter than what you are working with”.  Ha!  Her completed Tower of Pisa is now in her room.  Smarty. 

As for the Seattle Space Needle, it came out great even if it did give me a hard time.  I spray painted the whole thing white and it looks great on the book shelf in my study.

And now onto my August UFO.  Hopefully one day soon I’ll catch up!  I am choosing to finish my wall hanging “In the Photo Booth” by Country Quilts.  It features Santa and Rudolf getting their photos made in a photo booth.  I found the pattern at the AQS quilt show in Knoxville a few years back.  The photos do not do it justice.  I will try to get a good shot of it when it is complete.
UFO’s Completed so far this year…


        January                                                               February
March                                                       April
     May                                                       June

If you would like to join the UFO Challenge, go to my Flickr Pool at

http://www.flickr.com/groups/ufo2011/pool/ and post a before photo of your UFO. Then come back at the end of the month and post the finished photo. There will be celebrations. There will be unbridled joy. There will be space in your closet…

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  • Lynda August 25, 2011, 1:10 pm

    The space needle looks awesome! Good job! I remember the "in the photo booth" pattern! That was so darn cute, I'm glad you are going to finish it because I wanna see it, hehehe

  • Helen August 25, 2011, 12:39 pm

    What a coincident! My two sons love to build those wooden puzzles and the other day Michael's had those wooden puzzles on clearance rack so I got a bunch for them; one of them was the Leaning Tower. My two sons were very good with those wooden puzzles but they had a hard time with the leaning tower. My older son gave up and my younger son (9)took over working only a few pieces a day. today is the fourth day and he is going to complete it.

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