2012 Photography Challenge – “Abandoned”

Chicken King

This week our theme was “Abandoned”.  The word abandoned can mean a lot of things and of course I immediately thought of abandoned buildings.  And then I thought, well that’s not unique!  So I dwelled on it a bit.  I could go with a deserted highway, an empty parking lot, a desolate area, an abandoned sneaker on the roadside.  But I circled back around to buildings as I am a huge fan of the art of architecture and love the look of perspective in a photo.

My husband and I carpool together and the trip home takes us through a not so nice neighborhood in downtown Atlanta.  Plenty of opportunities to snap photos of all things abandoned.  Getting out of the car and snapping shots was kind of out of the question as I value my life, my wallet and my camera.  So, just about every night this week, my poor husband braved the honking of horns as he slowed down for me while I hung out the window taking photos of abandoned buildings.

And here is my best shot!  This photo was taken using the speed setting on my camera which increases the speed of the shutter.  The reason was simply that we were traveling at about 15 miles an hour and I wanted an unblurry shot.  This, by the way, works fabulously!  I took a ton of photos and only two were blurry! The photo was edited by cropping and increasing the contrast by just a tad.

So how did you do? Email your photo submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!

Our theme for next week is “Two-Color Photos”.  See the information below for details!

This photo was taken in downtown Rogers, Arkansas. I love the work of photographer Walker Evans who documented the lives of “ordinary” people especially during the depression. Barber Shops were often a gathering place for people in days gone by. As time has gone by so have the traditional barber shops. This shop has been abandoned for many years. I did a slight amount of cropping to acheive the print size of 8″ x 12″. In photoshop I burned the yellow and black caution stripes to make them less of a focol point in the picture. –Pat Clayton

Pat Clayton Design

I didn’t have to search for any abandoned building or vehicle or anything else. Last summer when I was visiting my Paternal Grandfather’s house, my father took me here.  I like these kinds of places and monuments I took a lot of photos.  I couldn’t decide on any one photo, so I posted these four photos.  Its a Shiva temple and is said to have build some 700 to 800 years old………. Deepthi- http://dipti-myart.blogspot.com/



The toilet in this photo was obviously abandoned, but while in Mexico and having to ‘go’, it’s amazing what you’ll use if you really need to.  I did!

Cindy Allen- Victoria, B.C.  Canada

Old and abandoned buildings have always spoken to me. The families that lived there and made the building their home or business put their sweat and at times tears most likely into making them theirs. Then for one reason or another moved on and left their memories behind. I wonder if some of their spirit doesn’t remain in those structures for years. As the seasons go by taking it’s toll, they struggle to stand as if waiting for the owners to return to them. 

Here is one of my favorite shots I have a taken. It is of a building in the small Sandhills town my husband grew up in.
~Ann Winberg-  www.cabinchatter.cc (blog)www.craftingtales.com (website)

Yes, sadly this is a corner of our garden which has been rather neglected.  It’s part of my veggie patch, but in summer here the heat and humidity don’t make great conditions for veggie growing (at least not with my meagre gardening skills, or lack thereof!) so the patch gets overtaken by weeds for a few months…

I chose to make the picture black and white because I thought it brought out the old and abandoned feeling more – a few extra effects added too just to try them out since premium effects on picnik are now free!

~Jill- Creating My Way to Success

Next Week’s Theme- ‘Two-Color Photos’

Our theme for next week is “Two-Color Photos”.  What I mean by this is that your photo will need to “read” as a two color shot.  This exercise will help us all look at our subject matter a little more closely.  What can we find that consists mainly of two different colors?  A close-up shot of something will work, but challenge yourself to expand on this a bit.  Need some examples?  Here are a couple of fabulous shots that read “two-color”.

Bali Woman Working on the Rice Fields by Ania Blazejewska and The Midday on Fields of Montana from iclipart.com.

Ania Blazejewska is an amazing photographer who is currently based in Manila, the Philippines.  Her photos explore cultural and social themes, telling stories about the lives of ordinary people all over the world.  Be sure to check out her gallery at Aniablazejewska.com.

Now go get some fabulous shots!