2012 Photography Challenge- Rocks


Our photography theme this week was rocks.  And this past week, I had the opportunity to take tons of nature photos as my husband and I took a vacation to the Florida Keys.  So while my family in Atlanta enjoyed freezing temperatures and as I understand it, those of you out west dug out of a ton of snow, my husband and I combed the beaches in 75 degree weather.

Sorry.  I’ll quit rubbing it in.

But I have to tell you it was awesome.  And the key lime pie, well it was fabulous!

Anyway, back to the challenge.  In the Florida Keys, you would expect there would be tons of beaches, but as it turns out, the majority of the land along the water is very rocky.  If you happen upon a beach or two, it is because sand was shipped in to make it.  This fact afforded me plenty of opportunity to take rock photos and I just happened upon this group of sunning birds just off the shore of Key West.  I was there to watch the sun set and it appears that so were they.

This photo was taken using automatic camera settings and adjusting the lens for a close up shot, as there was quite a bit of water between me and the birds.  With no tripod to help with stabilizing the camera, I opted to use one of the many available rocks to set the camera on when I took the shot.

So how did you do? Email your photo submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  Or link up your rock photos in the link list below!  I will have the link open for a week for any of you that come in late to the party.

Our theme for next week is “abandoned”.  See the information below the link list for details!


Next Week’s Theme- Abandoned

The definition of abandoned is: Having been deserted or cast off.  Remaining empty or unused; having been left for good. Synonyms are: derelict, deserted, forlorn, forsaken, desolate.

So there you go.  Take that definition and run with it.  Need a few ideas?  Check out the following fabulous examples of “abandoned”!

“Old truck and house in field near Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada” by CDarwin Wiggett www.oopoomoo.com and “Two Damaged Doors of a House” via iclipart.com

And while you are at it, check out Darwin Wiggett’s new site, Oopoomoo. Lot’s of great photography and information on some very interesting topics.  It’s definitely worth a visit!

So go grab that camera and find some amazing shots!