The 2012 Photo Challenge

I bought a fancy-pants camera last year in order to create nicer photos for this website.  Well, actually I was hoping that it might get more of my projects featured by Craftgawker. Since they don’t seem to like my photos much.  Ha!

Unfortunately, the camera has so many bells and whistles, it has me nearly as flustered as having to learn html code for blog template design.  Well, maybe not as flustered as template design.  Frankly, I don’t think there is anything else in the world more frustrating.  But anyway, back to the camera…

In an effort to improve my photography and to be inspired by those that actually know what they are doing with their fancy cameras, I will be doing a photo challenge for 2012.  Each week, I will randomly draw a number and the theme that matches that number will be the photo theme for the week.

I will create a photo to show you at the end of the week, and include a link list for those that want to participate in the challenge too.  Maybe by the end of the year, we will all have projects featured by Craftgawker.  We can only dream…

For a list of the themes, please take a look at my Photo Challenge page!

This week, the random number generator chose the theme, Silhouette.  A silhouette photograph is usually an object photographed that is backlit and appears dark or black against a much lighter background.  Some great examples include:

Creative independence Bridge Silhouette

Creative Independance by Nattu                                                 Bridge Silhouette by Ian David Muir

Tips to get a great silhouette photo:

  1. Be sure that your object has a recognizable shape.  You want your object to be easily recognized for what it is.  Do not have it overlap another object where it can be confusing.
  2. Turn off your flash.
  3. The only source of light needs to be behind your object.
  4. Most point and shoot digital cameras like mine are pretty smart and will want to illuminate your object anyway.  You have to trick the camera by first focusing on the brightest light.  Most digital cameras adjust their exposure levels automatically when you push the shutter half way down (like when you are focusing).  Keep the button held halfway down and then move the camera to focus on the object you want to silhouette.  Then finishing taking the photo.

So are you ready for the challenge?  I will be posting my best shot on Saturday, along with a link list for those that would like to post their photos too.  So go get snapping!