2012 Photography Challenge- Two Color Photos

A New Day Dawning

Our theme this week was ‘Two Color’ photos, or photos that “read” as just two colors.  And my photo for the challenge was taken on our recent vacation in Florida.  I had a coupon and we ended up staying in a high end hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, right on the beach.  You know, one of those places that puts a mint on your pillow and has folks in the restaurant who’s only job is to squeeze open your baked potato?

The room was on the 30th floor and came with a rather attentive bell hop.  I had heard that you were supposed to tip bell hops $1 per suitcase, so I included my laptop and purse in the count and gave him a five.  I’m guessing that I was a good tipper because we couldn’t shake him after that.  He seemed to show up around every corner, and twice we got into the elevator to find him standing there, offering to show us around, and is there anything he could bring us?  We soon began referring to him as the “creepy stalker guy” and every trek into the hallway became a stealth mission of stalker guy avoidance.

Oh…I best get back to the challenge.  Anyway, our hotel not only came with creepy stalker guys, but also an amazing view.  I took this photo from our balcony as the sun was rising over the horizon.  It was taken with the camera in “landscape” mode, and cropped.  I edited the color just a bit by tweaking the saturation.

So how did you do?   Email your photo submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!

Our theme for next week is “Circles”.  See the information below for details!

This two-color photo was taken on a cold winter morning. “Pumpkins in a Frosty Field” ~ Cindy Allen, Victoria, B.C. Canada

I took this photo a while ago of a spider with its catch. It lived in the same web several weeks even after it ate the dragon fly. ~Debbie Phillips




Not thinking it would be that hard to find a two color subject I sat out on my walk thinking I would have several choices when I got back. Boy was I wrong, much harder than I thought. Since some don’t consider white a color I settled on this one. Hope it fits the criteria. ~Ann Winberg – www.cabinchatter.cc/ www.craftingtales.com.

It was pretty hard to find a photo with 2 colors, a lot harder than I thought.  This picture was taken outside of the old schoolhouse in town. The building is from the early 1900’s and is now a museum. I saw the mimosa tree and had to try to capture its beauty. ~Eileen Patterson- Old Town, FL  http://misseileen-aka-goofingoff.blogspot.com/
These were taken in a small resort in Noth Canara in India called “Banana County”. I like birds and animals and as soon as I saw them , me and my daughter ran towards them ….but these two fellas …….. were Very Very RUDE.  They actually attacked us! Later we came to know that these two fellows never allowed anyone near them and really are violent in nature…..:)~ Deepthi- http://myreflections-myblog.blogspot.in/
This photo was taken while in motion, driving over a bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Luckily, I was the passenger and the site of this island all by itself was awesome. The weather was foggy and overcast and I wasn’t even sure the picture would come out. I also had to snap it in between the bridge supports and thought for sure, even if I had the picture, it would have a support in the middle of it. But somehow I snapped it within the few seconds between the supports and ended up with quite a memory. ~ Mary Ruthven- www.craftingtales.com

These are my favorite two color things – my dogs. We have a 1 1/2 year old English Mastiff – brown/black.  She is our gentle giant – at 160 pounds and still growing.  This photo was taken with my Nikon D40 then edited with instagram. Then we also have a Newfoundland.  Most are simply black, but ours is a Lansier Newfoundland so she is black with white.  Add the freshly fallen snow and she is spectacular (my opinion of course but I am biased).  She is also 1 1/2 years old. ~Athena- www.thestuffofsuccess.com 

Next Weeks Theme- Circles

Look around.  Circles are everywhere.  In nature, in architecture, in the food we eat.  Find something that is circular and take a photo!  What can you come up with to match the theme?  Come back next week and show us!  Need an example or two to get you going?

 “Oodles of O’s” by Robert Mallon, and Traffic Light by iclipart.com.

Robert Mallon is an amateur photographer based in Okinawa, Japan. He specializes in event photography and active-lifestyle portraiture. ‘Oodles of O’s’ is a photo of his daughter playing in the bicycle rings outside of San Francisco’s de Young Museum.

So go get some great photos!