Monday Etsy Madness- Amazing Paper Art!

Welcome to another Monday Etsy Madness!  This week, I thought I’d feature something dear to me; paper art.  If you are a regular reader of The Sitcom, you know that I am fascinated by the many options that paper provides in the crafting arena.  So I thought I’d show you a few things I found on Etsy that made my jaw drop.  Paper is rather versatile.  Come see!

Come What May Cast Paper SculptureLeslie Rhodes Fine Art– Leslie from Leadville, CO
“Come What May ” is a sculpture originally done in oil based clay. After weeks of mold making, The artist mixed a large batch of paper pulp and pressed it into the rubber molds, painstakingly extracting water from the pulp with a sponge while simultaneously pressing the wet paper gently into the details of the mold. Then waiting another couple of weeks for the paper to dry completely, (removing the cast paper from a mold before its 100% dry will ruin the sculpture and you have to start all over again). She then removed the cast dried pieces of the sculpture from their molds and attached them together with white glues and gesso. Finally, she mounted the vessel to a painted wood base, faux painted to mimic a metallic or pewter-like finish. This is a one-of-a-kind art piece.  $420.00

The Queen of Hearts– Hometown Art- Christina from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“Off with her head!” The Queen is handmade out of paper. She stands 13 inches tall and in not too happy with Alice right now. She is ready for court dressed in her crown and other court accessories. The Queen is a one-of-a-kind paper sculpture. $75.00  Be sure to check out her other Alice in Wonderland characters! 

Wilsons Warbler Paper SculptureVegan Taxidermy– Berkeley, CA
This is an entirely unique life-sized paper sculpture of a Wilson’s Warbler, mounted on a branch with crepe paper leaves, on a wood plaque, ready to hang on wall. Approximately 6” wide x 9” tall x 5” deep. The artist makes her Vegan Taxidermy birds using crepe paper for the feathers, over a hand-sculpted form. She does not use any molds, and the only pre-fabricated part of this sculpture are the glass eyes, and wood mount.  The Wilson’s Warbler is a bright little common migrant often seen in the lower undergrowth of woodland and shrub habitat. They eat insects and berries, and spend their winters in Mexico. $550.00 

Giraffe Piggy Bank/Sculpture8th April– Pie Kim- Bangkok, Thailand
This cute giraffe can be used as a coin bank and as a freestanding sculpture. It is lovingly made of paper mache, painted with acrylic paint and given a clear-coat for protection and to seal.  Perfect for decorating children’s corner and to attract kids to collect their coins.  Approximate Size: 10cm wide, 45cm tall and 17cm long.  Easy to put coin in or take it out.  $56.00

Paper Cake Topper- FlapperConcarta– Los Angeles, CA
This one-of-a-kind wedding cake topper is handmade entirely with paper! It’s a charming conversation piece and will inspire many oohs and aahs during (and after) your wedding. Place it on top of your wedding cake, or use it as a table decoration to call attention to a guest book, gift table or seating chart. Perfect for bridal shower and engagement gifts!
Height: approximately 5.75 inches, Base Diameter: approximately 3.25 inches.  Colors/Details: Bride wears an iridescent ivory (very light champagne) colored flapper style dress with 3 rows of fringe at the bottom. Groom wears a black suit with iridescent ivory colored straight tie. Flowers are iridescent light gold and ivory. Both bride and groom have white paper hair and skin. Base has white top and iridescent ivory edge. $185.00

ChickadeeArt Clays– Cynthia Blecher- Burlington, WV
Cute little chickadee in the winter garden! Original watercolor and color pencil painting on dried shaped paper clay. Framed in a blue wood shadow box frame. The clay is mounted on a brown background. Hand crafted, one of a kind, and signed by the artist!  Paper clay is an air dried clay made from paper pulp. The clay is rolled out and roughly shaped in a disc shape. Air drying takes about 4-5 days and dries to a very hard surface that is suitable for watercolor paint. The dried clay is 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick and when drying it will naturally curl or wave near the edges to form a three dimensional surface. All clay shapes are different.  Frame is 6×6 inches.  Ready to hang. $75.00 

BranchesPapercuts by Joe– Joseph Bagley, Dorchester MA
This original papercut was hand-cut using XACTO knives over the period of three months. It depicts the bare branches of a Linden tree. This piece has approximately 25,000 holes in it and is one of the most detailed papercuts available anywhere. It measures 30×20 inches and ships framed with UV glass.  Branches was a participant in the 2011 ArtPrize, the world’s largest art competition, and placed in the top 25 of its neighborhood in top 125 overall out of over 1,500 pieces of art.  All of his pieces are one continuous piece of paper, meaning all parts of the design interconnect. He uses Studiotac, an archival adhesive, to mount the papercut to the white illustration board background.  This piece is custom framed in a beautiful black frame that is approximately one inch wide and one inch deep. It is classic and compliments the piece perfectly. $6,000.00 

3D Victorian HouseThe Moonlight Muse– Sault Ste. Marie, MI
This listing is for a 3-dimensional Victorian house paper cutting. This house is created using thousands of tiny pieces of colored cardstock that are individually hand cut and then layered to create the 3-dimensional aspect. All the pieces in this house were painstakingly hand-cut with an x-acto knife down to the individual shingles, bricks and siding! The doorknobs on the doors are tiny gold seed beads. The foundation is made of pebbles that I hand-picked from the shores of Lake Superior. The windows are made of thermo acetate to give them a realistic look and shine. The steps on the front porch are made of layers of foam and paper to give it a lot of depth. This Victorian style house has a rounded tower on the side and even has a tiny porch on the second floor. It is very detailed!  It has been mounted on a black velour background inside a high quality 8 x 10 oak stained wooden shadow box frame and is ready to display. The house itself measures about 4 ½ inches wide by approximately 5 ¾ inches tall. It has been signed and dated by the artist in the lower left corner for authenticity. $200.00

Madam Chloe Fish Sculpture Trash Collections– Myrtle Beach, SC
Madam Chloe is a 3D fish sculpture made from recycled paper & re-purposed bling! She is “splashy” & fun! She is bright colors and attitude! She is made from over 175 individually cut, colored & sealed pieces of different weight paper. The paper is cut off margins from all kinds of office paper or any other kind of paper that is bound for the landfill. She is embellished with sequins & beads & filigree findings. She is mounted on Black MDF with green trim. A wire hanger is attached to the back of the MDF.  This piece measures 25” x 21”. $249.00

Cosmic CabUncle Junior’s Art House–  Reno, NV
This sculpture is over 3’ long!  Character taxi cab Size 37″ length, 15″ width, 10″ height (approximate size).  Weight 21lb. Made from paper mache, painted with artists acrylic and protected with high gloss varnish. $5000.00– Free shipping in usa.

3D Pop Up Card Mediterranean Landscape Bold Folds– Dr. Gillat- Amherst, MA
Created in White and Green paper, this card is one-of-a-kind, signed original.   The artist created this art piece using the technique of Origamic Architecture. Origamic architecture (OA) involves the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture, geometric patterns, everyday objects, or other images, on various scales, using cut-out and folded paper, usually thin paperboard. Visually, these creations are comparable to intricate ‘pop-ups’; indeed, some works are deliberately engineered to possess ‘pop-up’-like properties. However, Origamic Architecture tends to be cut out of a single sheet of paper, whereas most pop-ups involve two or more. To create the three-dimensional image out of the two-dimensional surface requires skill akin to that of an architect.  This creation opens to 90 degrees and can be used as a card or may be displayed in a Shadow Box or just on a shelf. When folded it measures 9″ L x 5.5″ H as well as when open. (folds flat).  $55.00 

Jonathan’s Best Paper MosaicWendell Fiock– San Jose, CA
Best of Juried Show Award Winner. Mixed media (paper mosaic). 784 individually created squares using magazine images for color, then glued together to form the mosaic picture. Image is 14×14 inches surrounded by a small cherry-stained wood inner frame, attached to a light green mat board then mounted in a hand-made cherry-stained wood 22×22 inch outer frame protected behind glass. Includes a dust cover, hanging hardware and protective wall bumpers.Created in 2011. $500.00

Pretty darn awesome, right?  So please take a few moments and show these amazing artists some love!


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  • Paula March 5, 2012, 11:44 am

    wow very creative works, love the branches, actually all of them!, its awesome what you can do with paper !!

  • Lynda March 5, 2012, 9:06 am

    I LOVE the queen of hearts!! So cute. I had no idea you could do so much with paper.

  • CREATIVE MIND March 5, 2012, 8:23 am

    Amazing beautiful..

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