2012 Photography Challenge- Bridges!

This week our theme is Bridges!  And just about every evening, I spend a bit of time sitting on this bridge.  You see, it crosses a huge highway of railroad tracks and is my best option for a shorter trip home from work each day.  Due to Atlanta traffic, I get to study it in minute detail as I wait patiently (or impatiently depending upon my mood) for the traffic to move so that I can get home to my doggies and my latest craft project.

What originally caught my eye was the color of the railing.  A beautiful sea green.  And I just love the rust effects on the column.  So, I became that weird lady that takes photos of the train tressel in traffic.  Oh, well.  At least I keep myself entertained.

So how did you do?

Email your Bridge submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking Bridge submissions all week!

Our theme for next week is “Food”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

This Weeks Submissions: 

War Eagle Mill Bridge – War Eagle, Arkansas. This is a wood floor one lane bridge at War Eagle Mill. War Eagle Mill is one of the only working grist mills in the US. War Eagle is also the home of the world famous War Eagle Arts and Crafts fair.
This is a view of the bluffs next to the Hwy 12 bridge going across Beaver Lake in Rogers, Arkansas. If you look in my rear view mirror you can see that I am taking the photo from my vehicle and see the rest of the bridge. ~ Brenda Williams, Weatherford, OK

These are photos made during various bicycle rides in the Belgian coutryside.~ Luc, Belgium

Wooden Bridge over a brook for Walkers. Those kind of bridges are very common on footpaths within the English countryside. The v-shaped wood keeps cattle off it and therefore within their respective fields. This particulare bridge is on the Daffodile Path near Dymock, a small village in the Cotswolds in England. It is an awsome view to walk along the trail in March with the woods covered with the yellow of the daffodils.  Best Wishes from Nicole at  SweetCandyCorner  from within the softly rolling hills of the beautiful Cotswolds in England, Europe.

Next Weeks Challenge is “Food”!

Yep, food.  Hey, I’ve been on a diet for three months and frankly everything looks good enough to eat.  So, our challenge this week is to take a photo of some food in an artistically appetizing way.  In other words, make it look fabulously delicious!  Need a few examples?

See you back next week!

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