DIY Guest Post- Creative Craft Storage!

Crafting may be a satisfying hobby, but it is certainly not a tidy one! Many crafting areas are overflowing with excess materials, bits of string and fabric, and half-finished projects. Luckily, if you are a crafter you are already accustomed to thinking creatively. Try applying those smarts and some of these fun ideas to keep your crafting space and home organized:

 Leethal– Yarn holding can cubbies

Midnight Creations– Spice Rack Storage

Mom Endeavors– Pegboard storage

1. Dedicate a wall. Chances are, you are thinking of your storage in terms of floor space, table space, and shelf space. Once you’re out of horizontal space, maybe it is time to start thinking vertically. A metal shelf stocked with cubbies or mesh drawers can serve as the base of your wall display, and can also be a good place to show off completed projects or use as workspace. Mount some shelves and hang a plastic organizer where you can keep brushes, paints, and other materials.

 Spunky Junky Ribbon Organizer

Sew Many Ways– Filing your Fabrics, A Place to Roost– Vintage Suitcase Storage

2. If you are always in the middle of a few projects, you probably are in need of a place to safely store those sometimes-delicate creations. If you work with a lot of fabric in your crafts, this solution could be as simple as some mounted hooks next to your crafting space where you can hang half knitted hats and pinned-together garments without getting them up tangled up. A vintage suitcase may be the answer to projects that need to be covered up and out of the way from curious kids or pets, and can also be used to store supplies in a beautiful and unexpected way.  For kid’s artwork that is in progress or has drying glue or paint, try skirt hangers. Finished projects can also be kept this way.

Crafty Nest– Salvaged Patchwork Bulletin Board

Siren Magazine– DIY Bulletin Boards

3. Do you feel like you don’t have enough space to really utilize your living room or other spaces because they are overflowing with schoolwork, bills, and to-do lists? It might be time to create a repurposed bulletin board to get those things up off the furniture! A DIY bulletin board can be created out of an old picture frame, a canvas, or Styrofoam sheets. Or simply dress up an inexpensive bulletin board with fabric, wallpaper, or paint to create an attractive space for all your paperwork. A corkboard doesn’t always fit the look of a room, but with a DIY version, you can customize your board to your décor!

Guest Blogger Bio: Lisa is a mom and crafter who uses her storage units in Virginia Beach and storage units in Tallahassee to stay organized. When she is not blogging about crafts, and organization, she enjoys sewing, crocheting, and decoupage.