A look at embellished sewing machines!

As a crafter, I sometimes find myself looking around for something to decorate.  I’ll grab a wooden frame, a sad little table, or even a major piece of furniture and “make it my own”.  But there are some folks out there that take decorating to the extreme and extend their talents to the one item in the craft room that doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves- the sewing machine.

Our first stop is over at the Quilted Cupcake, where this cute little machine became incredibly fashionable with a large assortment of colorful buttons!  The longer you stare at it, the cuter it becomes and I just love all the tiny details!  Since she is the Quilted Cupcake, my only response is, “very sweet”!

Yep, I know.  I bet she’s heard that before.

Cynthia Shaffer went a whole other direction and grabbed her bucket ‘o Mod Podge.  Using sheets of music and old vintage prints, she mod podged (see- mod podge is now a verb!) her entire sewing machine within an inch of it’s life.  With very beautiful results, I might add.

Kaila from Kawaii DIY got out her collection of stickers and went to town on this machine.  The result is a beautiful fairy tale.  A very cute way to spice up the craft room.

Speaking of fairy tales, over at 33 Stitches, we find this fabulous painted version of a cottage and a summer day.  Turning a plain looking sewing machine into a scene where you might expect the Three Bears to return at any moment to find out that somebody had been sleeping in their beds.  Or maybe they were just making curtains or something, but they were definitely there…

You want fabulous?  How about this amazing air brush rendition by Wayne Harrison- Advanced Airbrush.  Absolutely amazing!  This little sewing machine is dressed to succeed.  In fact, who the heck cares if it sews or not.  It deserves a frame and a place of honor on the mantel, if you ask me.

Okay, now I’m sure you are wondering what the heck a washer and dryer set is doing on an embellished sewing machine post.  Well, in my quest for decorated machines, I stumbled across this amazing washer/dryer set that are hand painted by Charlie from A Little Off Color.  I really hate doing laundry.  But wouldn’t this make life just a bit happier in the laundry room?  Awesome job, Charlie!

Have you decorated your sewing machine and made it your own?  Let me know about it!  You could be featured on The Sitcom!