Introducing Totally Green Crafts

Totally Green Crafts Logo #recycle #crafts

I recently teamed up with wonder-blogger, Johnnie, from Saved by Love Creations, to create a new website that is recycled crafts only.  Totally Green Crafts puts together the best ideas out there for recycled and upcycled crafts.  It is a compilation site that includes great crafty ideas from all over the internet, along with ideas that both Johnnie and I have come up with.

We plan on making Totally Green Crafts become the website to go to when you are in need of recycled craft ideas.

TotallyGreenCrafts #recycled crafts #diy

Totally Green Crafts is still new and shiny, so it really needs a little love to get on its feet.  Please take a few moments to check it out.  Johnnie and I would love to have you as our newest reader!

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