The return of the Snood!

I’m currently sitting on the sand in the Gulf of Mexico.  So I thought I’d bring back an oldie but a goodie.  Originally posted in October of 2010:

I’m always happy to start a new trend.  And after going through several of my vintage magazines, I finally found something that would make a statement.  So, in an effort to bring back to life some vintage crochet, I decided to recreate this: Crocheted Snood

I crocheted the Fish Net Snood in red alpaca yarn and it actually came out looking less vintage and more modern. So, who’s to say you can’t bring back a vintage pattern?

So, on Ladies Night Out, my snood made it’s first appearance. Fortunately for me, I found an awesome link to a website where they not only sell snoods, but give you helpful instructions on how to put one on. The directions read, “To wear a snood put the snood bag over the back of your head, catching your hair in it. Pin it to your hair with hairpins or clips.”

My husband got a huge kick over the “put the bag over your head” part.

Mr. Funny, he is.

Anyway, the girls said I looked so much like Strawberry Shortcake, that they ordered me a piece of shortcake to go along with my hat. Funny girls they are. Everyone is a comedian these days. I don’t care what they say, I kind of like it. I’m thinking the new trend is on. SNOOD POWER.

So after dinner, the mall was our next stop. As we are cruising through Old Navy, who should I run across but my old boyfriend, Josh. He was standing on his little platform doing his modeling thing. The guy is a little full of himself, so I fully planned to just pass him by.

I moved on months ago. Things never would have worked out anyway. I like to talk a lot and he is more the silent type. He prefers to just stand around with that cocky look on his face, expecting everyone to stop and stare in awe at his well put-together ensemble. I prefer a guy who is more laid back, who doesn’t act like he has a stick up his butt. And for that matter, he’s a lousy running partner. I can run circles around him. Anyway, he apparently has this thing for snoods.

Now when I went to make myself one, I had no idea what kind of man-magnet a snood was. I was fighting them off left and right. All these years if I had just known that putting a bag over my head would attract the guys. I have apparently wasted many a snoodless year.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Josh called me over. We had a conversation; a bit one-sided I might add. Josh is still full of himself. I’m thinking he just wanted his photo taken with me. In fact he made me pose for several shots because he had issues with getting his hair just right. It is apparently now a status symbol to be seen with someone of the snood wearing capacity. And then right in the middle of our photo session, his new girlfriend snatched my snood right off my head!

“Hey baby, give the nice lady back her headbag”.

It took me quite a while to pry it out of her vice-like grip. Ya know, jealousy is not attractive.

Just saying. I might not be tall, blonde and leggy, but I have a snood. So eat your heart out, girly.