2012 Photography Challenge- Holiday

Holiday photo / Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #photography challenge

I live in Atlanta, GA, so it is not often that we see snow in the wintertime.  Much less have it actually happen on Christmas day.  But in 2010, the most unusual thing happened.  On Christmas morning, we woke up to a fresh snowfall!  In fact, I believe it was such a surprise that most folks didn’t have time to freak out and run to the store to clear out all the shelves of bread and milk.  Snow;  that four letter word that generally sets true panic into most southerners, turned out to be a fabulously beautiful plus for the holidays that year.

Our theme this week is holidays, and this is a peek of my tree that year with the fresh fallen snow in the background.

So how did you do?

Email your “holiday” submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking “holiday” submissions all week!  Feel free to send your original photo!

Our theme for next week is “People at work”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, especially when I see the lamp post decorations go up around Weatherford, Oklahoma.~ Brenda Williams- Cats, Kids and Crafts

My tiny corner of festive little decoration…Everyone a wonderful Christmas time wishes Nicole from SweetCandyCorner.eu

Our Theme Next Week- People at Work

Next week, we are going to take a look at the working crowd.  The definition of work can be pretty broad, though.  It can entail anything from mowing the lawn, to walking the dogs, to sitting in the office to totally digging a trench.  Go grab that camera and take a good shot of some busy individual or two.  Need a few examples?


So go get some great shots!  I’ll see you back next week!

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