2013 Photography Challenge- Birds!

Welcome to the Sitcom Photography Challenge!  Every Saturday, I choose a new theme and challenge you to take some photos.  Our goal is to not only create amazing photos, but have a bunch of fun in the process!  Our theme this week is birds.  And you will love the submissions so far!

But before we begin, please take a few moments to check out some of the amazing photos submitted last week, when our theme was food photography!

photography challenge seagull

This photo was taken somewhere on the coast of Oregon.  I’m pretty sure I was standing next to a lighthouse.  You see, I discovered that the Pacific coast has what seems like a lighthouse every 10 miles, and it became my personal goal to take a photo of each and every one.  And we did pretty well on that challenge.

But lets get back to the birds…this little seagull just happened to want his photo taken too.  Although, truth be known, this is one of about 10 shots.  It just goes to show you that if you take a bunch of photos, it’s quite possible that one of them might turn out amazing.

This photo was taken with my Canon SX30IS and edited using the free software at picmonkey.com.

So how did you do?

It’s not too late!  Email your birds submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking birds submissions all week!  Feel free to send your original photo!

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Next week’s theme for the 2013 Photography Challenge is “Birds”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

This week’s submissions:

photography challenge- pellicans

On a visit to Clearwater, FL these three awesome pelicans were calmly perched on railing looking over the water.  They completely ignored passers-by. See http://pinterest.com/papare/photography/ for more of my photos. ~Pamela – Maricopa, AZ

photography challenge- birds and berries

photography challenge white pelicans
Photo # 1: This picture was taken when the robins swarmed our holly tree in a frenzy to strip it of all it’s berries.  I have never seen anything like it and I have never seen that many robins at one time.  It was amazing to watch. 

Photo # 2: This was taken at a pond on one of the golf courses in The Villages.  The white Pelicans traveled together from pond to pond  There were at least 50 in the group.  They actually did their fishing in unison.   Most of the group would duck down at the same time and come up with a beak full of fish.  When they ate most of the fish in that pond they would move to another. ~ Nancy- The Villages, FL

photography challenge birds

photography challenge birdsphotography challenge birds

Found three bird pictures, a crested something at Animal Kingdom Lodge, right out our balcony. A woodpecker on the pole across the street from my window. And two Canadian geese sitting on the roof of my house, loudly honking. ~Mary Jane George

photography challenge- birds

Last summer’s upside down visitors.  We have a huge number of Goldfinches that come to our feeders all year long.  They are so much fun to watch them feed – usually upside down!  Right now they are just beginning to show a little of their yellow feathers – a great sign that Spring is coming! ~ Jan Juchniewicz- Mukwonago, WI

photography challenge hummingbird

photography challenge yellowbirds
I love bird photos. The hummingbird is such a challenge to capture! That photo and the yellow birds were taken in Arkansas. ~ Brenda Williams- Weatherford, OK- Cats, Kids and Crafts

photography challenge nyc bird

This is a funny story. I was in NYC at Battery Park on a dreary day. The bird behind the large one was my first subject. I didn’t want to get to close for fear he would fly away. All of a sudden in the camera lense I spot the big one. Seems he wanted to be in the picture too. I quickly adjusted focus and snapped away! ~ Deneen from Tennessee- Dreaming n Color

photography challenge birds

photography challenge birds

photography challenge birds

These bird photos where taken at Baypot Fl~ Suzan-www.sjcountrycrafts.blogspot.com

photography challenge - birds

photography challenge - birds

These ducks where in The BeechFork St park in W. Va….such a beautiful place that we stayed extra days on our way to PA.  ~Suzan, FL-   my blog link is http://sjcountrycrafts.blogspot.com/

ps…the one duck always has its head up as the lookout when they were walking around as a group

photography challenge- birds

This was taken quickly during our trip to China in October 2012, at the Chongqing Zoo.  We were there for the many pandas, so I set up my shots for those bears like a crazy woman taking dozens of photos.  On our walk to another exhibit, we passed a small pond.  Preening front and center was this pelican, just vying for attention.  I took my shot on the run and quickly went off to the next animal.  Only when I returned home more than a week later that I realized how beautiful this bird was. ~Kim Hankins-Petaluma, CA- Taken with a simple Canon PowerShot G9

photography challenge parrot

Good lookin’ fellas, both of them. Taken at the state fair in Sacramento, California last summer.~Scrollwork- www.scrollwork.blogspot.com

photography challenge birds

photography challenge birds

photography challenge birdsphotography challenge birds

Here are some of the photos of birds that I made in various locations over the years… A number of photographs of birds (either resident or visiting) at the two animal parks in Belgium I visited very frequently, Antwerp Zoo and Planckendael Animal park near the city of Mechelen. ~greetings from sunny Mexico, Luc

photography challenge birds

I had a few bird pictures so I decided to arrange them in a collage to make it easier.. – Dakota in Michigan

photography challenge seagulls

I took this picture during our vacation at Gulf Shores October 2012.  Memories of the Hollies song, “He aint heavy, he’s  my brother”….the view looks as if one bird is standing on the other ones back….Vonne Pope, Douglasville, GA

photography challenge bird

Greetings from Phila., PA- This is a photo taken, about two weeks ago, outside of the building where I work.  I believe it is either a baby woodcock or a ruffed grouse. They normally aren’t seen in Philadelphia and tend to flock in more densely forested areas of the state.  He was quite afraid by the noise and traffic.~ Renee 

Next Week’s Challenge – Pet Photography

Last year, when we did the pet portrait challenge, we had some amazing submissions!  If you are someone that owns a pet, I’m betting you have a ton of photos of them.  My kids are grown, so my pets are my current “children”.  Ha!  So peruse your photo stash, or grab that pet and take some new photos!  Need a couple ideas?

photography challenge petsphotography challenge pets 

So go grab that camera and take your best shots!  I’ll see you back here next week!

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