2013 Photography Challenge- Statues

It’s time for the weekly Sitcom Photography challenge!  Each week, I announce a new theme and challenge myself and anyone else who would like to come along, to show off a photo based on that theme.  It is a chance for us all to get more comfortable with the workings of our digital cameras, and show off our best stuff!

This week our theme is “Statues”.  But before we begin, please take a few moments to check out some of the amazing photos submitted last week, when our theme was “Architecture”! Some beautiful photos were submitted and we were treated to a trip around the world!

photography challenge- statues

On our trip up the west coast last summer, we did a tour of the city of San Francisco.  I was fascinated by all the art in this beautiful city.  Lots of murals, lots of color, beautiful architecture and of course the bits of art scattered all over.

This photo is of the top of the Palace of Fine Arts.  The structure was built as a temporary attraction in the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915.  San Francisco was celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal and its rebuilding after the huge earthquake and fire of 1906.

At the top of the structure is a group of Weeping Maidens with their backs to us, hiding their tears.  The meaning of the statues was not clear as we were given several explanations such as those lost in the construction of the canal, or possibly those lost in the destruction of San Francisco, or even possibly related to the Panama Canal Zone war that had ended near that time.

But my first thought was that I’d cry too if I was covered in bird poopy.

Just saying.

This photo was taken with my Canon SX30IS and edited using the free software at picmonkey.com.  (I am not an affiliate of Picmonkey- I just love their software).

So how did you do?

It’s not too late!  Email your “Statue” photos to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking “Statue”  photo submissions all week!  Feel free to send your original photo!

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Next week’s theme for the 2013 Photography Challenge is “The Color Blue”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

This week’s submissions:

photography challenge- statues

I was taking my Granddaughter to lunch at work today and remembered these statues in front of our library. I ran by and snapped this photo. ~Brenda Williams- Weatherford, Oklahoma- Cats, Kids and Crafts

photography challenge- statues

photography challenge- statues The buffalo statue “Pearl” is totally covered in pearls. She is one of many buffalo statues that can be found in Oklahoma.
The Duke the Bulldog statue is of the Southwestern Oklahoma State University mascot here in Weatherford, Oklahoma. ~Brenda Williams- Weatherford, Oklahoma- Cats, Kids and Crafts

photography challenge- statuesphotography challenge- statues 

photography challenge- statues

photography challenge- statues

 All from Antwerp, Belgium- Lange Wapper in front of Steen Castle, Nello and Patrasche, figures of a Belgium children’ story (insanely popular in…Japan!) in Hoboken where the story is set ; “live” Nostradamus, and Wannes van de Velde, Antwerp’s pride and fame who died a few years ago. (If you want to hear typical music from my birth area, I suggest you “youtube” his “Ik wil deze nacht in de straten verdwalen” ( I want to get lost in the streets tonight) )~ Luc from Mexico

photography challenge- statues

I took this photo two years ago during our vacation in Virginia Beach, VA.  It is a statue of Neptune that is located right on the beach.  This was the first time either my husband or I had ever seen the ocean and we went to celebrate our 10th anniversary. ~Tammi Davis- Picture Perfect Cooking

photography challenge giraffe statue

This picture was taken at the Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA~~Nicole from VA 

photography challenge statues

photography challenge statues

photography challenge statuesphotography challenge statues

We have gone to Hell and back for some great statue pictures!  Literally!!   We found an awesome little guy while visiting Hell, Grand Cayman.  Then, in New Orleans, we found statues of both the animate and inanimate…   In Savannah, the always gorgeous Bonaventure Cemetery has numerous heart-stirring statues.  Last, but not least, is Joe Paterno, once famous, but now maybe infamous…  However one wants to view him, he was a huge part of my life and I’m still proud to be Penn State! ~Debi Wilson, Atlanta, GA- Designs by Debilee

Next Week’s Challenge- The Color Blue

Here is a real fun one!  Take a photo that reads the color blue.  It could be anything you want.  See if you can come up with something original.  For sure it will be beautiful as you can’t beat the color blue.  Truly.

Want an example?

photography challenge- blue

See you back here next week!

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