Kids Crafts- Blinged up Summer Cup Holders!


Get the kids together with some blank foam coozies, foam stickers and a bunch of stick on gems and you just might be surprised at what they come up with!

cup holders with bling

This project was featured in Design Dazzle Summer Camp last month.  It is meant to not only entertain kids of any age, but encourage them to enjoy water in these hot summer days.  I mean, how can you pass up a blinged up coozie full of bottled water?  Seriously.


For this project I used:

Plain foam coozies (You can find them at your local craft store)
Duck Tape (comes in a variety of patterns and colors)
Foam stick-ons (a variety including pictures and letters)
Stick on jewels

cup holders with bling

Then, place everything in front of your kids and let them have at it!  (Since I don’t have young children at the house anymore, my mother stopped by to give me a hand).

cup holders with bling

I have a large variety of Duck Tape, so we started out with that.  It is easy to add to the foam cup holders, and looks great.  A perfect start.

cup holders with bling

cup holders with bling

Then we decorated to our heart’s content. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!  The kids will enjoy applying the foam decorations and everything is as easy as peel and stick.  A perfect activity for even the younger kids.

cup holders with bling

Of course, we have to have bling!

cup holders with bling

Honestly, even two grown adults had fun with this project.  I guess there is a bit of kid in everyone!

cup holders with bling

Stick some cool bottled water in your artistic coozies and there you go!  A cool summer drink and a bunch of bling.  Can’t beat that!

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