Mousetrap Clips are featured in Crafts ‘n Things Weekly!

Awesomeness!  This week, Crafts ‘n Things Weekly is featuring my Magnetic Mousetrap Clips!  Just in time for back to school!  These fun refrigerator clips are perfect for hanging up school work, keys or important notes.  And they are fun to make!

crafts n things mousetraps

 I designed a fresh new look for my mousetraps especially for Crafts n Things Magazine, so be sure to check out their tutorial page.  You can create these brightly colored refrigerator clips for just pennies.  (Well actually a dollar, since I got the traps at the Dollar Store).

mouse trap clips paper tolle

Here is a look at the original mousetraps.  This tutorial includes how to create a cool 3D effect with paper.

crafts n things mousetraps

While you are at Crafts n Things Weekly, be sure to check out the other great tutorials; all with a back to school flair!  I love the missing socks hanger!  Cute!  Crafts n Things offers new tutorials each week on their website, and I am so thrilled that they chose one of my projects!

Stay tuned, because they will be featuring a few more of my projects this month.  Redesigned especially for Crafts n Things!

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  • Maxine Schoenholtz September 11, 2013, 10:52 pm

    Re. the Magnetic Mousetrap Clips, what type of magnet did you use? I’m thinking it needs to be very strong to keep up the mousetrap plus anything attached to it. We use regular stainless steel magnetic clips on our fridge, especially to hold papers from our kids. Sometimes there are so many papers clipped to a magnet that it won’t stay in place on the fridge.

    Thanks for your answer :)!

    • Susan Myers September 12, 2013, 9:14 pm

      Hi Maxine!

      I used the round disc magnets that I found at the craft store. They are about 1.5 inches in diameter and very strong. I even have one holding a spare keychain. You can always glue a couple of them to the back for extra magnetic strength. Hope that helps!


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