DIY Halloween Tic Tac Toe Game!

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And as long as you are there taking advantage of the savings, check out the Halloween items!  There is craft potential everywhere.  I found some fun ice trays that I used to create this cute Halloween Tic Tac Toe Game!

diy halloween tic tac toe

Those little playing pieces are actually plaster casted from Halloween ice trays. I used the skulls and pumpkins for this project, but they also have spiders and scary fingers. Since I don’t do scary, I kept away from the spiders.  So…want to know how I made it?  

Scroll down to see the full tutorial!

dollar tree savings anniversary

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diy halloween tic tac toe

So ready to make something fun?  For this project I used:

Skull and Pumpkin ice trays from Dollar Tree
5″ x 6″ wooden plaque
Acrylic Paint
Halloween ribbon
Mod Podge or sealant 

diy halloween tic tac toe

I found these cute trays in the Halloween supply section at Dollar Tree.  Of course, I think craft project, but you could also use them for ice, melting chocolate, or even soap!  Lots of great uses for these cute trays.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Add several scoops of plaster to a disposable bowl.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Add enough water to mix it to a yogurt-like consistency.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Add the plaster to the molds.  For this project you would need five skulls and five pumpkins.  (Try to make a few extra just in case you have air bubbles or accidentally break one).  Allow them to dry overnight.  Yep, I know.  Sometimes it is difficult to wait, but if you try to pop them out too early, you will have massive breakage.  Ask me how I know.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Use acrylic paint to paint the wooden plaque.  You may need to do two coats of paint.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Once the plaster is fully dried, pop the playing pieces out of the trays.  You can then rinse out the trays and use them again for another project!

diy halloween tic tac toe

Use acrylic paint to paint the pieces any way you would like.  Since I do not do scary, I made the skulls as humorous looking as I could.

diy halloween tic tac toe

….and of course all my pumpkins are happy pumpkins!  Once all the paint is dry, coat each piece with Mod Podge to seal them.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Paint the lines on the plaque using black acrylic paint.  I used a ruler to mark them out with a pencil first and then painted the lines in.

diy halloween tic tac toe

Coat the entire board with a nice coating of Mod Podge to seal the paint.   Use some pretty halloween ribbon to add a trim around the edges, attaching it with dots of hot glue.

diy halloween tic tac toe

And there you have it!  This cute game is a fun decoration for the holiday.  Mine is sitting on my coffee table, and I’ve caught the hubby and my father-in-law playing with it several times already!

dollar tree halloween anniversary sale

And don’t forget about the Halloween candy. How about bonus sized bags of Smarties® Candy? Remember — quantities are limited, so hurry in today to stock up on these incredible deals!

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