Easy to make Elegant Card Box for a DIY Wedding!

June is a big month for weddings.  Helping to plan and execute my daughter’s wedding a few years ago made me well aware of the costs that a wedding brings.  I’ve put together a few projects to help out with that.  With such a large selection of beautiful DIY items available, I had a never-ending source of ideas!

Today, we are creating a beautiful Wedding Card Box.  This pretty box is fun to make and doesn’t break the bank.  Adjust the colors and the theme any way that you want and create something that your guests would love!

 For this project I used:

3 round paper mache boxes (largest box was 16″ in diameter)
White poster board
Hot glue
Purple satin ribbon
Small Metal Bird Cage Tealight
Small silk flowers
Peacock Feathers
2 Purple Birds
Small scrap of tulle, scrap of black cardstock
Bling on a Roll
Adhesive Rhinestones in Oval
Adhesive Rhinestones Sheet
Rhinestone Brooch
Brooch Pin

diy wedding card box peacock theme

Find three round paper mache boxes in descending sizes.  Yes, my bottom box is a Christmas box, but the size was perfect!

Sitcom 2 step option

diy wedding card box peacock theme

Use the white poster board to cover the sides and tops of the boxes using hot glue.

diy wedding card box peacock theme

Stack the covered boxes and glue them down with hot glue.  Use a craft blade to cut a slot in the front of the bottom box.

diy wedding card box peacock theme

The little metal bird cage tea light was purchased at Michael’s.  We are going to bling it up!  Starting with adding some smaller silk flowers in the inside of the cage.

diy wedding card box peacock theme

Our two feathered friends were also found at Michael’s.  I added a scrap of tulle for a veil for the “bride”, and crowned her with a brooch pin.

diy wedding card box peacock theme

The “groom” received a tiny bow tie cut from black cardstock.  Both birds were glued in place on top of the bird cage.

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  • Nicole June 11, 2017, 7:31 pm

    This is a great idea for a place guests can put their wedding gift cards without worry they will get lost in the shuffle of presents. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week!

  • Karen Kruschke May 31, 2017, 12:32 pm

    Hi , Thank you for sharing! I was wondering where you got your 16″paper mache box from?, I’ve been searching all my craft stores around here and can not find anything that big! Help!!:) 🙂 I am going to attempt to make this for my God daughters wedding the end of July,, Hope it turns out as nice as yours did,,
    Thank you

  • Paula March 1, 2013, 1:44 pm

    wow this is gorgeous, love that you recycled the boxes, its all comming together nicely !!!

  • Mimi @ Irresistible Pets March 1, 2013, 11:56 am

    Very pretty!

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