How to make a Bright Summer Beach Tote – Free pattern!

Here is a little summer fun to brighten up a canvas bag!  Make a fun beach tote with my free Gossiping Birds Pattern and a blank canvas bag!  I’m here to bring some neon brightness to you on a warm summer day!

fluorescent gossiping birds tote

I pulled out my Gossiping Birds pattern because I knew it would work well with bright neon colors.  You have seen it done before with paint on a mirror, this time I’m making a cute neon tote!  Want to know how?

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For this project I used:

Tulip Dimensional Neon Fabric Paint
Tulip Fabric Markers in neon
Tulip Dimensional fabric paint in black
Cotton Tote
Gossiping Birds Pattern (see link below) 
Adhesive gemstones

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fluorescent gossiping birds tote

Begin with a regular generic tote. You can find them at most craft stores.  Print out your pattern and use a piece of carbon paper to transfer it to the tote.  (I enlarged my pattern just a bit to fit by using a copier).

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