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Salt Dough Bear Magnets for Back to School!

bear salt dough magnets back to school

Many years ago, I discovered salt dough.  I love the fact that the supplies are readily available in my kitchen, and are very inexpensive.  You can make most anything with salt dough!  My very first project was a Bear Christmas Ornament.  Then I moved onto a Beary Nice Teachers gift.  In honor of the back […]

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Fun to Make- Back to School Crafts!

back to school crafts

Summer is coming to a close and it is time to start thinking about putting together some Back to School Crafts!  Here at the Sitcom, there are plenty of tutorials for back to school items like book covers, messenger bags, laptop cases and more.  So, I put together my crafty ideas with a few I […]

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Pretty Pendants made from Cardboard!

recycled cardboard pendants kids crafts

Are the kids in need of a fun activity this summer?  This project is not only a lot of fun, but it uses material that you will have around the house and is a great way for the kids to show off their creativity!  Let’s make pretty pendants from cardboard! Pretty aren’t they?  And you […]

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Clothespin Doll Tutorial and Kit Giveaway!

diy clothespin dolls

Thank you to Artterro Eco Art Kits for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!  All opinions are my own. I love high quality craft kits, and that is why I am drawn to Arrterro.  I love the fact that everything is there in one place and all you have to do is sit down and create. Their fun, eco-friendly craft […]

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Summertime Fun for the Kids- crafts and more!

kids crafts for summer

Do you have kids wandering about the house looking for something to do?  I know it never took mine long to start fussing about being bored.  Rather than put on a movie or hand them a video game, let’s look at entertaining them the old fashioned way with fun ideas and projects that are sure […]

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Creating Art with Beans!

creating art with beans

You know, nothing goes to waste at my house. Nobody is allowed to throw away TP tubes or pickle jars , and that lightbulb?  So many crafty uses!   So it really isn’t a stretch to create art with beans!  Check out my latest post on Another Cent Saved for the easy tutorial! Another Cent Saved was […]

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Pretty Flower Power Suncatcher

recycled craft plastic lid sun catcher13

Need something fun for the kids to make?  This project not only is a fun project, but a great way to recycle plastic lids.  This pretty Flower Power Suncatcher adds a ton of color to a room and it is easy enough to keep little hands busy! Created from recycled plastic lids and fishing line, […]

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Cute as a Bug! Easy DIY Frame and Giveaway!

cute as a bug frame

Thank you to Artterro Eco Art Kits for sponsoring this awesome giveaway! All opinions are my own. The nice folks at Artterro asked me to come up with a project using their Wool Felt Bug Kit.  Hmmm… bugs… But it turns out that bugs can totally be cute!  I took on the challenge and came […]

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Pretty DIY Suncatchers to brighten your room!

5 diy suncatchers for a sunny day

Summer is finally here and with that, the kids are out of school and looking for something to occupy their time!  So lets combine the sun and some fun crafts!  Here are 5 fun DIY suncatchers that are perfect for that sunny day! If you are familiar at all with the Sitcom, you know that […]

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Reader projects inspired by Suzy’s Sitcom!

batiks gone wild reader quilt

I love it when I get mail from readers with photos of their amazing projects inspired by the Sitcom!  Over the past few weeks, I received quite a few and wanted to share them with you.  We have a beautiful quilt, inspired by my Batiks Gone Wild Quilt Pattern, Faux Stained glass created by a […]

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