Ukrainian Egg

Commercial Break Thursday- Promote yourself!

ukrainian egg for easter gift

Need a few ideas for a unique gift? Maybe you have a birthday coming up for that someone that has everything? My shop offers unique, one of a kind Ukrainian Eggs and gifts that will be treasured for years to come. As you probably already know, I do a lot of different arts and crafts. […]

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Starry Night Ukrainian Egg!

starry night ukrainian egg

I received a special order this week for a Starry Night Ukrainian egg.  This is one special order that I could not pass up.  You see, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is my absolute favorite painting! I’m very happy with how it turned out!  I used the various dyes to re-create my version of the […]

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Unique Ukrainian Eggs are not just for Easter!

ukrainian eggs

Ukrainian Eggs are a specialty of mine.  You can find my whole selection for sale in my Etsy Store, along with quite a few other unusual items.  My shop is a great place to go to find unique gifts that are guaranteed to make an impression! Creating Ukrainian eggs involves melting bees wax and applying […]

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New Ukrainian Eggs in my Etsy Shop

ukrainian egg ocean blue

I have been slowly adding new Ukrainian eggs to my Etsy shop this past week.  Creating Ukrainian eggs is a very relaxing hobby to me.  It involves melting bees wax into a small cone-shaped pen, and drawing the wax onto the egg.  Everywhere that you put wax down, remains the color below the wax.  Then […]

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Join the Ultimate Blog Party!

So, I came across this 2012 Ultimate Blog Party over at at the very last moment, as the party ends at midnight tomorrow.  But never one to have an issue with better late, than never, I have decided to party along with them.  If you’re looking for a fun way to increase your blog […]

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Feature Friday- More Ukrainian Eggs!

I’ve been working on creating some new items for my Etsy shop the craft shop in Newnan, and at the same time trying to perfect creating Ukrainian ostrich eggs.  I didn’t realize how different each type of egg could be to work with.  But currently, I deal with chicken, duck, goose and ostrich eggs. This […]

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Feature Friday- Ukrainian Eggs!

A friend of mine shipped some eggs to me a few weeks ago, including several ostrich eggs.  Never having worked with ostrich eggs before, I was first very impressed by the size.  The average ostrich egg is equal to two dozen chicken eggs.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out! That’s a heck of a lot […]

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The Sitcom Weekly Wrap-up

Last week on the Sitcom: 1. My buddy, Tom Selleck, his mustache and I had a great interview with Joan from Uneek Glass Fusions.  Her fused glass work is amazing. Be sure to check out Joan’s shop.  I’m betting you might find something for that special someone for the holidays.  Or maybe something pretty awesome […]

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How About Something Unique for the Holidays?

Those of you that are regular readers know that I pretty much do anything craft-wise.  But I do have few specialties.  One of them is Ukrainian Egg Art, or Pysanky.  I love doing anything with lots of details and Pysanky, as you can see, is a very detailed art.  True Ukrainian eggs are full of […]

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New Additions to my Etsy Shop!

I have two new additions to my shop!  Stop by and check out my growing Ukrainian Egg selection!  The art of Ukrainian Egg Dying involves melting bees wax in a special tool called a kistka and painting the egg with the wax as a resist to the dye.  Layers of color are added with each […]

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