Spring is right around the corner!  Unique egg craft ideas are very popular this time of year. Since creating Ukrainian Egg art with is one of my specialties, I definitely am drawn to great ideas for making awesomeness with eggs. Pretty eggs make great year round decorations in centerpieces and tablescapes.  And Easter is always […] Read the full article →

I’m a quilter and that means that I have tons of fabric scraps laying around waiting on my next project.  And what better way to decorate a quilters home than by creating something with fabric!  Using a technique called Iris Folding, here is a great way to make something amazing with fabric scraps.  And it […] Read the full article →

Each month in 2018, I will feature a new block of the month pattern using different quilting and sewing methods.  There is something here for every skill level!  Since it is February and the month of love, I thought I’d throw in a bit of kitty love.  Go to my Block of the Month Page […] Read the full article →

Winter is still coming to a slow end.  It is this time of year that I start yearning for the bright colors and smells of spring.  So lets combine a little sunshine and some fun crafts!  Here are 9 fun DIY suncatchers that are perfect for that sunny day! If you are familiar at all with […] Read the full article →

The birth of my first grandchild has naturally inspired me to create some fun baby items.  I mean, how can I not?  Since I only have one grandchild so far, spoiling that kid is my ultimate goal.  So this week, I put together a couple of zoo themed loveys for her.   A “lovey” is a […] Read the full article →

11 Free Quilt Patterns to make!

Seems that the first three months of the year are very popular for quilting.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that many of us are spending more time inside due to cold weather.  And one of the great things about quilting is that it keeps you warm while you are […] Read the full article →

I love to do a mix of crafts and I always am looking for that next project.  When I find something fun, I love to share it on the Sitcom!  This week, I would love to share the free pattern for a Basketweave Chunky Knit Scarf. Love to knit?  Me too. But I have to […] Read the full article →

Each month in 2018, I will feature a new block of the month pattern that includes both applique and quilt piecing.  There is something here for every skill level!  Love Birds and Pinwheels is the first of the quilt block patterns for 2018. Go to my Block of the Month Page to see what the […] Read the full article →

The year 2017 was a great year for my husband and I as we continue to travel the country in our RV.  This year, we not only experienced New England and Arizona, but had a new grandbaby!  In the midst of it all, I have been busy creating many new craft tutorials and free patterns […] Read the full article →

8 Fun Winter Projects to Make!

Cold weather means that you might be inside more with a bit more time on your hands.  And I totally have a solution for you.  How about some great craft ideas to keep your mind and hands busy?  I put together 8 Fun Winter Projects that are sure to make your day a bit brighter. […] Read the full article →

My Words to Live By Quilt Block of the Month pattern was featured during the year 2017. And now the pattern is complete! I have had so much fun creating this project and want you to know that 2018 will be a year of many new free patterns and blocks of the month projects!  There […] Read the full article →

DIY Lighted Wall Art!

This is a guest post from Callum Mundine.  It’s the Christmas season, and Pinterest is literally exploding with DIY crafts all over the place. Search for any home decor option on Pinterest, Etsy, or even Amazon, and you will likely see hundreds of  cutesy canvases decorated with lovely stencils or unique artwork – all  beautifully backlit […] Read the full article →

Here is your final Block of the Month free pattern for the Words to Live By Series! I have already featured the patterns, LOVE, FAMILY, PATIENCE, COURAGE, LAUGHTER, WISDOM, THANKFUL , PURPOSE, DREAM, INTEGRITY, and CELEBRATE. Today, I am featuring pattern number 12: HUMILITY! This is the final block pattern of this series. This is […] Read the full article →

This time of year, I can’t help but take on new craft projects.  And I love great ornament and window decor ideas.  This week, I would love to feature snowflake crafts.  Making snowflakes can be as easy or as intricate as you want.  I found 12 beautiful snowflake craft ideas to brighten up your cold winter day! It […] Read the full article →

For a crafter, this is my favorite time of year.  And Santa is a common theme!  Creating fun things to decorate the house and make the holidays merrier is part of the fun!  I put together 7 of my favorite Santa themed projects to help you along with that. We have everything from crochet patterns, […] Read the full article →