Top 12 Holiday Crafts

Over the past few years, I’ve added quite a few holiday tutorials to the Sitcom.  This is a compilation of those tutorials that are most popular with my readers!  Each has a step by step illustrated tutorial to follow and each is unique to the Sitcom!

christmas popular projects suzys sitcom

Create something amazing for Christmas!  Look around and see if something resonates with you.

paper mache santa ornament diy

Paper Mache Santa Ornament 

Create a cute Santa Ornament with paper mache, yarn and foam board!  This ornament is a perfect addition to your holiday tree.  Fun project that you can make for just pennies!

ice candles diy tutorial

Holiday Ice Candles

An old vintage craft- create beautiful ice candles for the holiday season!  This step by step tutorial shows you how to make these unique holiday candles.

scented pinecones tutorial

Easy Scented Pinecones

I love the smell of cinnamon. It always reminds me of the holidays. And cinnamon scented pinecones make the whole house smell fabulous. You’ve probably seen them in the local craft stores, sold along with the scented brooms.  Here is an easy tutorial to show you how to make your own!

penguin holiday ornaments on skis

Skiing Penguins Ornaments

Create a cute penguin ornament from a blown egg, a toilet paper tube and a bit of paint!  A great kids craft or even adult-type project and looks incredibly cute on the tree or for holiday decorating!  Want to know how to make them?

paintbrush santa ornaments

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments Tutorial

Create a cute Santa ornament from a recycled paint brush!  A great way to recycle and create beautiful holiday decorations at the same time!  This easy step by step tutorial will show you how.

two turtle doves free pattern painting

Two Turtle Doves Free Pattern and Instructions

I have always loved the Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas“.  So, I have been gradually putting together patterns that depict each of the days in the song.  So far, we have Partridge & Pear.  And now, Two Turtle Doves!  This holiday pattern is free of charge to my readers.

macaroni angel nametag tutorial

Macaroni Angel Name Tags

Create cute angel name tags with macaroni!  Loved making macaroni decorations as a child?  This takes it to a whole new level! Easy step by step tutorial.

baby food jar christmas tree

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Want to make an unusual Christmas decoration from something as surprising as baby food jars?  A beautiful holiday tree and recycled craft!  Create something amazing with this step by step tutorial.

santa advent calendar

Santa Advent Calendar (Free Pattern!)

The nice folks at Tulip® sent me a fabulous box of their latest crafty goodness, including Tulip Shimmer SheetsTulip Shimmer Paints, and tons of other glittery goodness.  For a crafter like myself, it was paradise in a box.  What do I try out first?  What fabulousness can I create from all this glitter?  Well, how about a free pattern and a holiday advent calendar?

pinecone christmas tree

DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree

Have a ton of pinecones lying around needing a new occupation?  Well, how about creating a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table?  Create a Pinecone Christmas Tree from Dollar Store items and pinecones for just pennies!

partridge and pear pattern

Partridge & Pear Mirror (Free Pattern!)

I spent some time teaching a class using one of my premium patterns this past weekend.  One of the requests from that class was to supply simpler patterns for those that would like to work their way up to the more challenging ones.  So in answer to that request, I came up with a simpler version of my Partridge & Pear Pattern.

diy bread dough christmas bear

DIY Bread Dough Bear Ornament

Create cute DIY Christmas Bear Ornaments from bread dough and acrylic paint!  A fun project that even the kids can do!  Create unique ornaments for just pennies!

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