Our Featured Guest Star- Something From Cassie

Our special guest star this week is Cassie from Something From Cassie.  I wanted to do something special to welcome Cassie to my Green Room. Maybe have it re-decorated as that shag carpeting has gotten a little dated. My buddy Oprah (who uses my Green Room periodically for small gatherings) suggested that I give away a car. But unfortunately, the budget at Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom just can’t handle that expense right now.

I’d put out my famous banana bread, but last time it caused a knock-down drag-out fight between Tom Selleck and Brad Pitt. Tom and his mustache overpowered Brad who is worn out from handling kiddos. It was an easy win. Now if Angelina had been involved, I think the results may have been different…Angelina never says no to banana bread.

And a welcome banner is just out of the question, because look who I’m hosting! The queen of banners. Guess I’m just going to have to splurge on some M&M’s and Kit Kat bars. Nothing but the best for my guests.

Suzy: Cassie!  I want to welcome you to my site!  You do amazing work.  And I love your profile.  You say your favorite materials are Paper, Diet Pepsi Max and Love.  I have to say that being from Atlanta and all, I’m really not allowed to say the “P” word out loud.  Coke owns this state…  but anyway, tell me a little about yourself.
Cassie: My name is Cassie Box and I’m a stay at home mom living in Kansas City, Missouri. We have lived in other states, but there is nothing like living in the Midwest. I love it here. I am a die hard sports fan. I love my Royals and Chiefs. I watch ESPN every day.

Suzy: And from the looks of it, you get a bit of crafting in there too!  When and why did you start blogging, and where would you like your blogging to lead?
Cassie: I have been blogging for about six years now. It started as a way to show my family what I was up to…it evolved into a business of sorts. I realized that I couldn’t be on design teams without having an active blog where I posted my work. Now I am obsessed with finding new blogs to add to my reader. I spend a large portion of my day “blurfing” or blog surfing.

Suzy:  Great term.  Blurfing.  I’m going to have to use that.  So, who or what inspires you?
Cassie:  My number one site for inspiration is Scrapgal.com. The girls there are so fantastic! The forums are like home. I can’t imagine my day without them!

Suzy:  I have to say I’m in awe of your diaper cakes.  (Never thought I’d say that to anyone).  🙂 What are your favorite things to create?
Cassie:  I love to make banners, of course. They are the number one seller in my Etsy shop. I do layouts and wall hangings and recently was asked to do diaper cakes! They are a lot of work but so rewarding!

Cassie:  I also sew. I love my sewing machine. It was one of the most valuable skills my mother taught me. I don’t wear my shirts like normal people. I like to take them apart and cut them up. It all started because of the  shirt giveaways at the Royals Baseball games. We went to so many games and I had SO many shirts and they were SO big! They are made for an XL man. The sleeves went down past my elbow and it looked like I was wearing clothes that belonged to someone else. I decided to cut the sides down and cut the sleeves and collar off and I have never looked back! I have a really great tan on my shoulders now!

Suzy:  You have so many successful craft projects. Is there one that just never seemed to come together? I know I have several “errors in judgement” hanging around my closet. Do you have a crafty horror story?
Carrie: I don’t have any crafty horror stories…every time I try to create a card I feel scared. I am not a card maker. I have not mastered that and I am ok with it.

Suzy:  Tell me about your crafting space.  Mine is totally unorganized according to my husband.  But he’s picky that way…
Cassie:  My crafting space is a nightmare. I know where everything is and if I cleaned it I wouldn’t be able to find anything. I really love to make things for others. Crafting makes me happy.

Cassie and her crew spent some time recently standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.  So Cassie is an Eagles fan too!  A woman after my own heart.  And when she isn’t galavanting around reliving famous songs, she is busy at home crafting away.

Please take a moment and stop by her blog, Something From Cassie, and do some oohing and ahhing.  Also, please check out her Etsy Shop for the latest craftiness for sale.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Gee, I sure hope she liked the M&M’s.