Quilled Paisley Monogram Tutorial

paper quilled paisley monogram

Continue to cut 2″ wide strips of cardboard and finish gluing to all the edges using your hot glue.

paper quilled paisley monogram

Now mix up a batch of paper mache glue. I use two parts white glue to one part water, mixing it in a small tupperware container. Tear your newspaper into approximately 1″ strips.

Sitcom 2 step option

Do not use scissors for this as the torn edges of the newspaper absorb the glue better and create a smoother finish. At this point, I suggest putting on rubber gloves. Otherwise, you will spend the next two days picking bits of glue off your hands. Just saying.

paper quilled paisley monogram

Dip your strips of newspaper one by one into the glue mixture and smooth onto the monogram. I did not paper mache the whole piece, just concentrated on all the edges where the pieces of cardboard met. Smooth the newspaper strips on as you go, creating smooth, clean edges.

Once all the edges are paper mache’d to your satisfaction, allow the monogram to dry overnight.

paper quilled paisley monogram

Then paint the entire monogram black.

Now let’s add on the paisleys!

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