Feature Friday- Quilled Blue and White China

I’ve always loved the look of white and blue china. In fact, I have made several Ukrainian eggs with the white and blue china look.

Blue is my favorite color and white is well…white. So I’m drawn to these beautiful china patterns. And I love quilling. So naturally, it seemed like a great idea to combine the two.

For this project I used:
One plate from the Dollar Store
White primer spray paint
Several sheets of blue cardstock
Aileens Tacky Glue
Quilling tool and paper cutter
Clear Acrylic Sealant
To prepare my workstation, I cut the cardstock in thin 1/8” strips with my paper cutter. I then spray painted the plate with a coat of white primer. After it dried, I began the quilling process.
You can create the basic quilled shape by coiling the strip of paper with your quilling tool, and gluing it on the end. Below are some photos of basic quilling techniques. You can find some basic quilling instructions here or see my tutorials on Quilled Summer Blooms Frame, and Quilled Paisley Monogram for more quilling details.
Take a pencil and ruler and mark small pencil marks on the edge of the plate, dividing it into eight even sections. This will help you to create a design in one of those sections and then repeat the design the whole way around, creating the even filigree pattern on the plate’s edge.
I wanted to go with a bird theme, so I started by quilling strips randomly and creating a bird in the center of the plate. I have to tell you that I didn’t have an exact plan in mind, I just began to glue the down my quills in a pattern I liked in the center, creating a crane of some sort and trees, shrubbery and butterflies.
I then used a compass to trace a pencil line around the inside edge of the plate, and glued a long strip of cardstock on it’s side along the pencil line, creating a sharp circle to separate the bird and trees from the outside border.
Finally, spray the finished plate with a good coat of clear acrylic sealant. Once it is dried, it is ready for display.
What I enjoy about this white and blue plate is the texture. It creates a highly unusual gift.
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