How to make Batik Fabric with Crayons

how to make batik fabric with crayons

The next step is to lay them between two pieces of newspaper and using an iron set at the highest setting, begin to iron out the wax. You will have to change the newspaper quite often, and I’m not gonna lie, this took a while. I went through an entire Sunday paper on this project.

how to make batik fabric with crayons

making batik fabric with crayons

My final step on the batik design was to add a few details with a black fabric pen.
making batik fabric with crayons
how to make batik fabric with crayons12
I made mine into pretty city pillows to put on my guest bed, but you can do anything with this batik fabric that you might do with regular fabric.  Quilts, tablecloths, dresses, table runners, whatever.  In fact, it would probably make awesome Christmas pillows using a Christmas design.

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