Our Featured Guest Star- Craftionary

Today we are welcoming Hani from Craftionary!  Hani’s website is full of great crafty tutorials, recipes and household hints.  She loves to specialize in flowers made of colored nylon that are so detailed, they definitely require a closer look.

I asked my buddy Tom Selleck to pick her up from the airport.  Notice that I didn’t say “and his mustache”?  Well, that’s because Tom just got back from Spring Break, but he apparently left his mustache in Florida.  How you say?  Well, according to Tom, he innocently fell asleep on the beach, without sunscreen.  He told me that real men don’t wear sunscreen. So Mr. Manly Man ended up with a major sunburn.  A sunburn that has turned him into a total girly-man.  He has done nothing but whine since he got back.  

The mustache?

Somehow, it got shaved off when he wasn’t looking.  That’s his story and he’s sticking with it.  Now the guy is walking around with a big white space over his lip where his beautiful mustache used to live.  I’m still in mourning.  He just doesn’t look like himself!

Even his buddy William Shatner is giving him odd looks.  And Bill is used to weird looking folks.  His assistant wears spock ears for heavens sake.

Bill suggested we draw a mustache on him with a sharpie pen until his real one grows back.  So he and Tom are  trying to decide if a handlebar mustache would work, or maybe a goatee, or an awesome fu-manchu.  Either way it is gonna look silly because I used up all my black sharpies on my last project.  So purple it will have to be.

So against my better judgement, let’s leave Tom and Bill to their own devices and take a few moments to interview Hani.  

Suzy: Tell me a little about yourself, your family, your other hobbies …
Hani: I am a stay at home mom to my 1 year old boy and married to my loving husband for 2 years. I love almost everything that is exciting. I love music, movies, traveling and most importantly I love to socialize with people. I am still looking for an opportunity to learn to play an acoustic guitar and increase my creativity for which I am planning to study Interior Designing. But I am not going anywhere, in fact craftionary will grow with me. 🙂

Suzy: When and why did you start blogging, and where would you like your blogging to lead?
Hani: I started blogging very recently in November 2010 as a medium to express my creativity and make the best out of my spare time. I have been crafting since childhood. Craftionary gives me motivation to start and complete my projects on time. Moreover, I am enjoying talented bloggers and their great work.

Hani: I have no idea where my blog may lead, I am just enjoying being creative and sharing my ideas with people. I always have so many projects on my to-do-list and I hope it never ends either. 🙂 Along with crafts, I sometimes post recipes (that are totally my own invention, if they turn out good I share them on my blog) and blog designs (including buttons, themes that are totally free. However, I would love to custom design if you like).

Suzy: Can you tell us a few things that most folks don’t know about you?
Hani: I am very moody. Very, very moody and I don’t like wasting time. Though I just said I don’t like wasting time but I love to sleep. HaHa

Suzy: Since I’m kinda a crafty blog, I have to ask. Are there any particular crafts that you enjoy the most?
Hani: I love everything crafty and I must add I am also an artist. I love to paint and sketch as well. I will blog about it soon. I enjoy creating anything that comes in my mind.

Suzy: Tell us a little about your nylon flowers and how you got started making them. They are quite amazing.
Hani: Crafting is my hobby and I have been doing this since I was a child. I know through practice almost every craft except knitting (which my grandmother tried to teach me but seriously I found it difficult). All my work is at my parent’s house. After marriage I was enjoying my new life, we moved from Canada to US as my husband got medical residency. Intern year as we all know is super lonely but I thank God I had my boy. After changing a number of hobbies I finally came up with the idea to blog. So, I started crafting again and I wanted to learn something new so I made nylon flowers. All those flowers are my first attempts.

Suzy: I know you have a very busy life. I also know first hand how time-consuming a good blog is. How do you schedule it all in?
Hani: I work a little in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon when my little one is napping. But mostly I work at night when everyone is sleeping. Still sometimes I get off the track and it gets harder to manage. That is why I am keeping things slow on my blog.

Suzy: Since I’m also kinda a sitcom blog, my buddy Tom wants to know if you have a favorite celebrity. Other than him of course.
Hani: I have grown up around friends and cousins who were die-hard celebrity fans. I, on other hand, never had any favorites, I greatly admire the great work celebrities do to make the characters live. One that is coming to my mind right now is Chuck from cast away by Tom Hanks. Excellent!

Suzy: This blog community is full of wonderful folks. Can you tell me what blogs inspire you?
Hani: Oh yes! There are great outstanding craft blogs out there. Very hard to pick one. But I must say Tatertots and Jello is my favorite. The lady Jen is a gem. She is friendly, helpful, creative and welcomes potential bloggers as well. I love her and what she is doing.

Suzy: Can you tell us a little about what you are promoting right now? Anything coming up that you want us to know about?
Hani: I feature creative potential bloggers and bring people’s attention to their creativity every Friday. In addition I am having my first Giveaway and I have put on a poll. I am giving away the most voted nylon flower to welcome Spring. I would love to have you come over and vote!

So please take a moment to visit Hani at Craftionary.  She is currently sponsoring the giveaway of this beautiful silk flower headband.  Deadline for entries is April 9, so be sure to stop by and enter!

Now I’d best get back to taking care of my buddy Tom, who is still being a big baby about his sunburn.  He says that he can’t reach his back to put on aloe and his lip is cold…and now, thanks to Bill, he’s sporting a purple fu-manchu.  Nice.

I’d be more sympathetic to his plight, but not only did he not take me with him, but he brought me back a Spring Break 2009 T-shirt (it was on sale), and all the soaps and shampoos from his hotel room.  Which would have been real thoughtful if he hadn’t already used them.  Awesome.

Think I should tell him that someone wrote “Dork” on his back with sunscreen?  

Nah… he’ll figure it out eventually.