Tuesday Ramblings…

1- I finished my latest egg creation.  I’m calling it “Spring has Sprung!” You can find it in my Etsy shop with all my other egg creations.  I never get tired of making Ukrainian eggs. It was going to be Four Turtle Doves with a Christmas theme and then I just got carried away.  I think it might be Spring Fever.
2- It has come to my attention that spring has totally arrived.  Based on the fact that I can no longer open my windows for fear of arriving to my destination with yellow pollinated hair.
3-  Not that there is anything wrong with that…
4-  My youngest daughter moved out this past weekend!  I would assume that “empty nest syndrome” would overtake me.  And it might.  But in the meantime, I am enjoying silence.  Pure unadulterated, undiluted, crystal clear, purely pasteurized silence.  No “Mom, can I borrow the hairdryer?”, no “You won’t buleev what so and so said about suchandsuch!”, no “Have you seen my purse (my shoes, my makeup, my cell phone, my house key, my notebook, my husband, my head)??”

5-  Of course moving into a new apartment calls for moving stuff.  And I really hate moving stuff.  She called all her friends who suddenly all had technical difficulty with their cell phones.  Apparently, there must have been a major cell phone outage over the state of Georgia this weekend.  There certainly couldn’t be any other explanation.

6-  Did I say I hate moving stuff?

7-  I had to move stuff.
The daughters and I.  (I’m the short one)
8-  I found her a microwave at a yard sale for free!
9-  It is now a large paperweight.  Don’t you know, you always get what you paid for.  But she could certainly keep her art supplies in it!  All it needs is a bit of bling and maybe some festive trim.  Or maybe I can use a faux technique on it and turn it into a coffee table?  Hmmmm….

10- I finished my UFO project of the month for March last night.  Yep, I’m running a little late.  I’ll post the finished project as soon as I can get someone to model it for me.  My sock model just moved out and the husband refuses to shave his legs for the photo shoot.  Men.

11- The dogs will miss her.  Faith showed her objection to the move by leaving a small present on the kitchen floor for her.  The rule in our house is that first one to see it has to clean it up.

12- The daughter says she didn’t see a thing. 

13- Think I should pack it with her stuff?