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Our Guest Star this week is from…. 
Illinois, USA

 Today we are featuring Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl! Priscilla comes to us all the way from Illinois, a state famous for its corn crop, fields of grain and home of the great city of Chicago. My buddy Tom Selleck, his mustache and I have been renovating the Green Room all week in preparation for our guests and the beginning of the International Creating Success blog hop.

And wouldn’t you know it, just when things look like they are coming together; something happens. They call it Murphy’s law. I call it something else, but this is a family site so we won’t go there. You see, Kim Kardashian made a stop here to primp and get a small bit of privacy before appearing on the Today Show. It seems that the Green Room was too crowded over there. Which certainly isn’t a problem.

In fact, I get a chuckle out of her visits because she has no idea who Tom is. Tom even put on a video of Quigley Down Under last time. She asked him to change the channel to the Food Network. He still hasn’t gotten over it.

But Kim decided to take off that humongous diamond ring and wash her hands and wouldn’t you know it, it went down the drain. Because of it’s ridiculous size, the thing has totally clogged up my drains and we are having major overflow issues in all the plumbing. This resulted in Kim running back and forth screaming about her ring and me screaming about the plumbing and poor Tom trying his best to calm us both down. What a terrible first impression for all my international guests!

The fact that Kim mistook Tom for the plumber certainly didn’t help matters.

So, let’s take Priscilla to my office where it is relatively quiet and no drains are overflowing…

Suzy: Tell me a little about yourself, your family, your other hobbies…  
Priscilla: I’m a 30-something wife and mother to two children.  My children are young, so they’re very needy and my husband is a husband so he is also very needy.  We live in the cornfields of Illinois and for fun, we sit on our couch and watch other people do fun stuff.  I am very crafty, but am also an aspiring writer and I am working on several things right now that I hope will be published eventually.


Suzy:When and why did you start blogging, and where would you like your blogging to lead?   
Priscilla: I started a small blog in 2009 to keep up with family and friends and fell in love with the concept.  I found other blogs that centered on topics that appealed to more than just ‘family and friends’ and was very interested in starting something that interested me and other people.  Several blogs inspired me and so, I started brainstorming, until I came up with something that I thought would aid my creativity, at the very least.


Suzy: Can you tell us a few things that most folks don’t know about you? 
Priscilla:  I have seen every episode of “The Golden Girls”.  I have every season on DVD.  It’s practically my religion.  Any problem in life can be solved by watching any episode. Truly.

Suzy: Can you give any new bloggers out there some pointers that you might have learned along the way? 
Priscilla: I’m still new to the aspect of a ‘public’ blog myself, but I have learned a lot so far.  The best advice I would give to new bloggers is to write for yourself, and not for other people.  Readers can tell if you aren’t genuine, and won’t return if they don’t believe that’s who you are.  Readers will come if you give them the real you, and they’ll be people that relate to you and enjoy your posts.


Suzy: Since I’m also kinda a sitcom blog, my buddy Tom wants to know if you have a favorite movie star.  Other than him of course.
Priscilla: Tom will always have a space in my heart.  He won’t return my phone calls due to that pesky restraining order, but I’m making peace with it.  I’m a lover of comedy and will rarely turn down a Jim Carrey movie.  He was in a serious film several years ago, and I still loved him.  And of course, the dreamer in me will always love Elizabeth Taylor.  She was magical.


Suzy: This crafty blog community is full of wonderful folks.  Can you tell me what blogs inspire you?
Priscilla: At the risk of sounding like a suck-up, I spend way more time than I should browsing through your posts at The Sitcom.  Your brain works in creative ways that mine does not and I am envious.  I also love The Coupon Godess and Thrifty Decor Chick.  They are great women who seem like they can not only school you in their blog field, but would take you out for a Starbucks afterwards.


Suzy: Can you tell us a little about what you are promoting right now? 
Priscilla: I am promoting world peace.  And chocolate.  I will make the world peaceful, one candy bar at a time.

Well, we best get back in the Green Room and help Tom. The overflow of the drains has cause a small flood and he is desperately trying to save my National Enquirer collection. Have I ever mentioned how amazingly wonderful my buddy Mr. Selleck is? He totally has my back. And his mustache is pretty darn cool too.

The ring? Well, hopefully the plumber will find it soon. But at least I know my valuable 1978 mint edition of the Enquirer with Oprah on the cover is in good hands. There are important things in life, you know.

Please take a moment to visit Priscilla at her blog, Thrifty Crafty Girl!  It is a great place to find humor, inspiration, great couponing ideas and craftiness.  Her humor is very endearing.  You will definitely come away with a smile on your face!

Then take another moment to link up your blog to our international blog hop- being seen around the world simultaneously on five different blogs!  What a great way to get the word out about your own creations!!