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Asia- Janelle from Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Africa-Adepeju from Peekadot
Our Guest Star this week is from Texas, USA

Today we are welcoming Molly Smith, a fabulous quiller, all the way from the great state of Texas. My buddy, Tom Selleck and his mustache, is all excited. We’ve had guests on here before from Texas and it is always a great excuse to drag out the charcoal grill and cook up some big ol’ steaks. Because we all know that Texas people like steak. Big steaks. So Tom invited his buddy William Shatner out and they have set up the grill and started cooking.
Because the grill seems to bring out the testosterone in guys, they have started a friendly competition. It started innocently enough with Tom challenging Bill to cook up a better steak. Bill took the challenge and ran with it. He dragged in a bigger grill than Tom’s and threw a batch of filet mignon on. Tom then put together his personal top secret barbeque sauce recipe. Bill countered with a vat of barbeque sauce that he made out of fresh tomatoes and spices imported personally from his chef out of the state of Texas.

Tom brought in bigger steaks, and an industrial size monster grill with dual exhaust and monster truck sized tires, that includes a steel covered juke box playing “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. Not to be outdone, Bill brought in a large group of authentic cowboys in ten gallon hats to cheer him on. Tom brought in the entire cast from Quigley Down Under, two ranch hands and an oil derrick.

Great. You know how hard it is to clean up grease?

Bill brought in the entire Dallas Cowboys football team. And the goal post and two hotdog vendors who just happened to be in the stadium at the time. Tom one-upped him and brought in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Hmmm… Bill is going to have difficulty beating that.

And here is Molly!  Molly, I’m so sorry about the crowd. I was hoping to have a nice one-on-one interview with you. I’d take you out on the patio, but there is currently a rodeo going on out there and someone roped one of Tom’s People Choice Awards. Tom is just a bit upset about it. Things are getting a little out of hand. So lets go into my office where it is relatively quiet. Just through that crowd of cheerleaders and behind that cow. And don’t pay any attention to the Trekkie fans in spock ears that are currently raiding the fridge. They follow Bill everywhere.

Suzy: Tell me a little about yourself, your family, your other hobbies…  
Molly: I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 35 years and worked as a secretary, Executive Assistant and eventually a Paralegal. I began paper quilling over 30 years ago as a hobby and have authored a book called The New Paper Quilling. A layoff in 2000 caused me to start doing what I love and making money doing it.

Molly: I joined the Society of Craft Designers and dove right into what it takes to be a professional crafter. The SCD dissolved and became a part of the Craft and Hobby Association. I attend one CHA craft show a year to promote my designs, educate and attend workshops. My retired quilled sticker line with Provo Craft, called Stand-Outs™, was sold in catalogs, craft retail chains and on QVC. I have many of my projects published in books and magazines. Paper crafting is my hobby, period. 

Molly: I now live in a west Texas town where I was born and raised. My husband and I are taking care of my 92 year young dad. We have a daughter who is a nurse and three grandchildren. I spend a lot of time making paper bead jewelry and maintain an online store on Etsy.

Suzy: When and why did you start blogging, and where would you like your blogging to lead?  

Molly:  I started blogging in the summer of 2008 around the same time I began my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I do NOTHING in moderation so it all happened at once. Initially my blog was to keep a journal type record of things going on, purely personal, family-related and way TMI, because this is what I thought blogging was about. It soon turned to relating to my work and crafty information, with family added when I was in the mood. I have been told that there should be a statement as to why you blog. So far, mine has changed three times.

Suzy: Can you tell us a few things that most folks don’t know about you?

Molly:  I have a clown certificate from The University of Texas at Arlington and I have been in many parades, kids’ functions and birthday parties. I worked at a hospital for eight years and enjoyed going to the children’s unit on weekends.  

Molly:  I hoard boxes because some day I might need them. I buy boxes and I save every box I come across. I have boxes of boxes and when we recently moved, I had to box up my boxes of boxes. I also make boxes and love to decorate them for presentation or gift giving. I have the original Aleene’s Box Maker scoring board and own three other commercial score pads. 
Suzy: Can you give any new bloggers out there some pointers that you might have learned along the way?
Molly: I’m not a big blogger (yet) and may not have the experience to give suggestions, but I have studied a few e-books and have done lots of research, chats, newsletters – about what to do and not do.  Diane Gilleland with Craftypod has two excellent e-books. She also teaches online classes. The number one thing I like to stress is don’t have a blog if you don’t enjoy owning one. If it becomes overwhelming, take a break from it and resume when you have the time.  A blog is a great promotional tool and if you dread maintaining one, it will definitely show in your writings. 

Molly:  I also like to thank my readers for posting as often as I can via email. I set aside a few hours a week at night to visit my favorite blogs and comment often. I never leave a one word comment, I try to use the blog owner’s name with at least two sentences – you’ll stand out (this is not a rule, that’s just me).  When you get to the point of 50 or more comments, your readers understand that they won’t be receiving personal notes. Reciprocate – visit your loyal readers’ blogs as often as time allows.
Molly: If you sell online or would like to, promote yourself in your blog. Announce new blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. Research promoting with advertising on blogs, linky parties, offering giveaways, featuring guest blogging. Mix up your posts and be imaginative, exciting and original. Keep your readers coming back and wondering what you will be posting about. 

Molly: Every once in a while I will Google “blog etiquette” just to keep current on what they are saying. 

Suzy: This crafty blog community is full of wonderful folks.  Can you tell me what blogs inspire you?
Molly:  In addition to your Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom, I have several designer friends who are a huge inspiration to me: Margot Potter who makes jewelry, again Diane at Craftypod and Eileen Hull who designs for Sizzix.

Molly: A mega blogger who no doubt inspires me to the moon (and back to reality) is Jen Hadfield at Tatertots and Jello. I never visit unless I have at least an hour. And her friends Bridget at Bake at 350 and Cheryl at Tidymom.  I do not care for copycat or knock off blogs at all.
Suzy: Can you tell us a little about what you are promoting right now? 

Molly: My current promoting efforts are two-fold. I have spent two years on a second book, so I am making a quarry to three publishers for a book on paper bead jewelry. I am also working on building my Etsy store back to where I have regular sales. The winter holiday season is my favorite and best sales period so I have started on early winter designs. Making beads is as therapeutic as quilling and just as addictive. 

Suzy: Molly, thank you so much for stopping by for an interview! Your advice on blogging is wonderful and very appreciated. Please take a few moments to swing by Molly’s blog, It’s Molly Smith, and check out her latest projects. Molly’s book, “The New Paper Quilling” is a wonderful addition to any quiller’s library. The projects that she shares are just beautiful. Also, be sure to check out her Etsy shop where she sells some awesome paper bead jewelry.

Now we have to get back into the Green Room. Things are really out of control now. I just got a call from Lady Gaga who is very upset. It seems that Tom and Bill got into the downstairs freezer and grilled up all the meat that she had stored there for her next Grammy Award outfit. She’s pretty angry. She doesn’t have a thing worthwhile to wear now and certainly does not want to walk around looking silly.

Of course she doesn’t.
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