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Australasia- Jill from Creating My Way to Success
Europe- Yaga from The Shiny Bubble
The Americas- Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
Asia- Janelle from Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Asia- Divya from Jewels of Sayuri
Our Guest Star this Week is from California, USA
Today we are welcoming Joan from Uneek Glass Fusions.  Joan is an amazing glass artist who specializes in creating beautiful works in fused glass.  The technique takes a lot of talent and a ton of practice.  Joan is coming to us all the way from San Francisco, California. My buddy Tom Selleck, his mustache and I are thrilled to have her here with us.
Today, we also have in our Green Room Jessica Simpson and Barbara Walters.  Seems that Barbara’s studio is currently being renovated and she has asked to borrow our Green Room for an exclusive interview with Jessica Simpson.  Jessica has something special to announce. 
And upon her arrival, it was quite obvious what that announcement might be.  Seems that Jessica is sporting a rather large baby bump that, unlike Beyonce’s didn’t even fold up when she sat down.  Apparently, Jessica has been in this state for quite a while, but has been waiting for the right time to announce it. 
Seems that every time Jessica was about to let the world know, Kim Kardashian hogged up all the front page news with her current drama.  Kim got engaged to a ridiculously tall pro-athlete; Kim got a matching humongous engagement ring; Kim and her super-sized hubby-to-be take a fabulous tropical vacation; Kim gets married on National television; Kim sells her wedding photos for an extravagant amount, and then the tabloids spent quite a few weeks discussing how much money Kim and her family made for the whole to-do.   Everything was all Kim, Kim, Kim! There was hardly any room left in the tabloids for anything un-Kardashian.
Poor Jessica felt like Jan from the Brady Bunch.  But now that Kim is just another married woman, this is her chance to finally make the front page news!  At last, she can reveal her bump to the world!  Finally it will be her face all across the tabloids!  She could see is now…Jessica is pregnant!  Jessica announces the due date!  Jessica names the baby some odd obscure celebrity-type name! Jessica’s odd obscure celebrity-type named babies first photos!  It’s time for Jessica to take over the papers again!

So let’s leave her and Barbara and the camera crews to their thing and go interview Joan in my office..

Suzy:  So, tell me a little about yourself, your family, your other hobbies…

Joan: My name is Joan Rosen and I’m the owner, artist of Uneek Glass Fusions. I live in the beautiful San Francisco, California area. I have two wonderful sons. One just got married and my other son has blessed me with three wonderful grandchildren. So, I’m a very happy grandmother. I have worked in the corporate world all of my life until I retired and started working in art glass. 

Suzy: Your glass art is simply amazing.  Can you tell me how you got started making art with glass?
Joan: I have worked in fusing art glass for seven years. I started making dichroic glass jewelry and selling on Etsy. Then I took my art to another level and now create art glass cabinet hardware, glass accent tile, pendant lighting, and home decor gift art glass items.  
Joan: I started working with dichroic glass after I went to a craft fair and saw the beautiful necklaces an artist was creating. Well, I fell in love with dichroic art glass and decided I was going to learn how to fuse glass.  I purchased a small kiln and then read everything I could get a hold of and started creating.
Joan:  I took a class after a few years, just to make sure I was on the right track and found out, I actually knew more than the teacher! So, I continue in my studies myself and and now create unique art glass creations in my home studio. 
Suzy: Can you give us a basic idea of the process?
Joan: I design, hand cut, and fuse all of my art glass work. I place it in my very large kiln now, and fire it up to temperatures of 1500 degrees. Each firing takes approximately 24 hours and some items take several firings to achieve the desired design. 
Joan:  I anneal or cool items very slowly to provide my customers with a strong and durable work of art. I provide custom color matching, sizes, and designs. Custom screw placement is available on the drawer pulls or handles.

Suzy:  Can you tell us what you are promoting right now?

Joan: My new items are the one of a kind art glass Sea Coral Bowls available in many colors.  I am passionate about my art glass creations and sell all over the world. 
Suzy: Please tell us where we can find your shops.
Joan: My website is Uneekglassfusions, my Etsy site is Uneekglassfusions, and I sell my dichroic glass jewelry at JoanJewels on Etsy. 

Suzy: Thank you so much for coming all this way and sharing your wonderful art with us!  Please take a few moments to visit Joan’s shops, Uneek Glass Fusions, and Joan Jewels.   Remember that the holidays are here now and I’m betting there might be someone on your list that would love some unique glass art.
Excuse me, that is my cell phone.
Hand her a bowl of pickles and ice-cream and back away slowly.  And whatever you do, now is not the time to tell her that she is “glowing”.
Come on Joan, we have to rescue Tom.  Seems that just as Jessica was about to let the world know of her pregnancy, in walked Kim with news of her impending divorce!  Poor Jessica was pushed to the background as all cameras turned to focus on Kim.  What’s another celebrity baby bump when we have drama, a 72 day marriage, divorce papers, and the sudden realization by the tabloids and those of us that blindly follow that just possibly we’ve all been duped!  Maybe, just maybe, this was all about the money!  Could this have all been for profit?
How could this be?  How can this happen? No happily ever after?  No ridiculously tall knight in shining armor?  No ridiculously tall babies?  How can we all go on?  What will we do with our sad, pale lives? 
Tom, can you get me an aspirin?

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