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Our Guest this week is from Croatia

Today we are welcoming Medena from Medena Wonderland.  Medena comes to us all the way from Croatia!  Usually, as the North American member of Creating Success Around the World, I stick to interviewing only those from my part of the world.  But Medena has been waiting so patiently to be interviewed and to meet my buddy Tom Selleck, and his mustache, that I had to make an exception.
And she is coming to town just in time to meet some questionable American celebrities.  Well, at least they have all been on the cover of the National Enquirer quite often recently.  An honor, I’m sure.  Seems that Tom invited Charlie Sheen, Kris Humphries and Ashton Kutcher over for the Thanksgiving holidays.  He calls it the Celebrity Charity Turkey Festival.  He figured that they each might be having a lonely holiday due to assorted personal issues, so he would get them all together to have a manly-man sort of turkey-fest.
Of course his definition of turkey-fest is to get the dudes together, watch football and have Rastus cook up a ton of turkey and all the fixings.  Me, I’m pretty sure my definition of turkey-fest is Charlie, Kris and Ashton together in one room.  But that’s just me.
Rastus, our waffle house cook, planned on serving turkey along with chittlings, gravy, okra, and a huge mess of hashbrowns, smothered, covered and chunked.  Of course, being from the south, he insisted on frying the turkey in a huge vat of boiling oil.   After the flames were extinguished and the firetrucks left, they weren’t left with much more than a few turkey giblets and a blackened wishbone.  Being true manly-men, they substituted some sliced turkey lunch meat and chicken pot pies that they found in the back of the freezer. 
And it didn’t take the whole crew long to over-stuff themselves and fall asleep to the drone of the football game in the background, leaving Charlie’s assorted goddesses to clean up the dirty dishes.  Typical.
And here is Medena!  Come on let’s do your interview in my office and then we’ll wake up the crew from their turkey comas so that I can introduce you to the mustache himself.
Suzy: Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, your other hobbies…
Medena: I am a simple, creative girl from a small coastal town in Croatia. Since childhood I was told, I was always bursting with energy and creativity. I express my creativity in all fields of my life. My life is creativity, I have a 2 small dogs and one fluffy cat.  My dogs are my love; Chihuahua Pupi and teacup yorkie Puka (both male), my Cat is Puffy (she is an angora cat). I love all animals and i am helping one shelter in my town with donations and care about abandoned dogs.

Suzy: When and why did you start blogging, and where would you like your blogging to lead?
Medena: I started with my blogging about seven months ago, I think it was April.  I started my blog to be just a little crafty place for my work, but my blog has evolved into a creative community that deals with fabulous things, creative works, blog design, helping other bloggers, promoting other creative bloggers ….
Suzy:  Can you tell us a few things that most folks don’t know about you?
Medena: Most folks don’t know that I am a truly a black haired girl, but I like colors a lot, so I change my hair color a few times on year.  This year I was platinum blonde, and before that, for two weeks I was redheaded, and now I am brunette!

Suzy: The crafty blog community is full of wonderful folks.  Can you tell us a few blogs that inspire you?
Medena: On my blog you can see the Button “Blogs” under the my blog header, and that list of blogs that you can see there are the blogs that are my inspiration for blogging and crafty work.  This is a direct link to my list of blogs that inspire me – Blogs.


Suzy: Can you tell us a little about what you are promoting right now?
Medena: My mission is to promote fairytale crafty work throught my jewelry, my decorations, blog designs and a lot of other crafty things that I am doing.  I think that we all live in our little fairytale, we all have dreams, and we all want to make it real, but the road from spot A to spot B is sometimes very difficult and thorny.
That we can see in every fairytale, but in real life we sometimes forget the little magical things that are around us, and we focus on problems….

Medena: That is my mission with my blogging – wake up people to be more creative, more aware of magical little things….

Suzy:  Medena, thank you so much for taking the time to come all the way out here for an interview!  Please take a few moments to check out Medena’s website, Medina Wonderland.  She has a wonderful talent for creating beautiful crafts and jewelry.  Her website is a great source for crafty ideas and fairytale fun.

So, we’d best get back in there and wake up the guys.  Seems that while they were asleep, Charlie’s goddesses had been taking turns lying down next to Ashton and taking photos with their camera phones.  We probably need to confiscate a few phones before the photos end up on facebook and we have 20 more women saying the “slept” with Ashton.

Or maybe we should just let him figure it out himself?   Looks like somebody is about to get “punk’d“.

Just saying.

Besides that, they need to clean up the mess in the kitchen.  Kris and Charlie were fighting over the wishbone, when one of them stuck his huge size twenty tennis shoe clad foot through my sheet rock.  Neither will admit to the damage, but I have my suspicions.
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