Featured Artisan- Linda from LTCreates Jewelry

I asked my sponsor, Linda from LTCreates Jewelry, if there was anything that she would like me to promote from her shop for the holidays.  Her response was very thought provoking.

Linda said, “You know, this holiday season I just really want people to think about supporting each other. There are a lot of people hurting out there and we just need to prop each other up a bit. I’ve been so blessed to have a successful shop and tons of sales, but it’s not that way with everyone”.

“If I have a message, it’s BUY HANDMADE and support the great folks on Etsy who are working hard to make useful, meaningful and unique things. Lots of people do this for a living and really can use a hand this year. There really isn’t too much you can’t find on Etsy, if you know what you want. I’ve gotten a couple of Christmas presents on here already. It’s hand made, it’s good quality and it will be special for sure”.

What an awesome thought for the holidays.  And in that spirit, I would like to show you a couple of wonderful things that can be found in Linda’s shop, LTCreates Jewelry.  One of my favorites is the Butter Blade Rings that she makes from the blade portion of vintage or antique butter knives. The other is a nice hammered ring in the Lady Hamilton pattern. Each one is offered hand stamped with a message of the customers choice.

Linda’s shop offers a variety of Spoon Bracelets, Spoon Rings, Spoon Watches, Spoon Cuffs, Spoon Pendants, Spoon Earrings and more. She has been making spoon jewelry for many years, and enjoys tranforming older silverware into wearable art. She uses the best materials she can find, and tries to offer the best prices possible for a high quality piece.


She also makes Spoon Jewelry using your silverware, so contact her if you are interested in a custom order with your flatware. She combines beads, glass gems, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads, marbles and vintage costume jewelry in her creations.

When you are looking for great, memorable gifts, be sure to remember that Etsy is just a click away.