Feature Friday- Ukrainian Eggs!

A friend of mine shipped some eggs to me a few weeks ago, including several ostrich eggs.  Never having worked with ostrich eggs before, I was first very impressed by the size.  The average ostrich egg is equal to two dozen chicken eggs.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out!

That’s a heck of a lot of real estate when you are working with a tiny tool and a bit of beeswax!  But, I was thrilled to try and come up with a few designs in order to add these eggs to my Ukrainian egg inventory.

So I started adding wax.  This egg took a ton of time due to the fact that I neglected to check and see if I needed to work differently with an ostrich egg than a regular egg.  Apparently there was a coating on the egg that I didn’t know about, and then there was the issue with it not fitting into any of my dye jars.  And I couldn’t hold it like I do regular eggs, and it took me forever to make the design go the entire way around.  Let’s just say, it kicked my butt.

But it did work out in the end.  I learned a whole lot about ostrich eggs during this project.  If you are curious and would like to know more about how to make Ukrainian eggs, check out my tutorial here.  I will be sending this egg back to it’s original owner as a thank you gift for sending me such beautiful eggs.

Bell’s Handcrafts, a brand new shop in Newnan, GA, had contacted me regarding my eggs a few months ago.  They offered to sell them under consignment in the store.  So that required more inventory and that is what I’ve been working on non-stop for the past several weeks.  I was able to complete quite a few eggs to send their way.

We had the pleasure of going to the shop this evening for their grand opening and we were very thrilled to see what they had put together.  The Bells had contacted some very wonderful artists from all over the United States, quite a few of them through Etsy.  The result of their inquiry filled their shop with such a large selection of so many different forms of art.

It was an exciting evening, and I was proud to have my work displayed with so much amazing art.  If you are ever in Newnan, Ga, be sure to swing by Bell’s Handcrafts in the historic courthouse square.  I guarantee you will be fascinated by the fabulous selection.


Interested in purchasing a Ukrainian egg?  Check out my Etsy store here!