Come see where I am today!

I am guest hosting over at Saved by Love Creations today.  When Johnnie asked me to be a guest at her place, I was thrilled!  I love it when I can sprawl out in someone else’s living room, take my shoes off, watch reality tv, eat Doritos and not have to cook.

I even packed my latest National Enquirer, because you certainly can’t go across country without being informed now can you?

Imagine my dismay when I found out that she just meant “write a guest post”.

I guess this means that I need to cancel that limo that I rented.  Sigh…

Well, pop on over to Johnnie’s place anyway.  You will find my latest guest post there.  A new tutorial.  Love Dollar Store ideas?  Need something snazzy that looks a whole lot more expensive than it actually is?  Go see.

I’m going to go unpack my suitcase now.