Cool Giveaway- New E-book featuring your favorite bloggers!

Just released this week is the new E-book, That Works for Me!  This e-book is an interactive, organized guide to help you optimize many areas of your life.  These tips and tricks were compiled by Kristen Welch and Jennifer De Groot from hundreds of contributing blogs over the past few years after being submitted to Works for Me Wednesdays on the blog, We are That Family.  Thousands of tips and ideas have been shared over the past few years, and the best of the best have finally been put together in one place for easy reference!

Tips on:

  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Blogging
  • Cleaning
  • Crafts
  • Decor
  • Frugality
  • Gardening
  • Holidays
  • Home Schooling
  • Cooking

And the list goes on and on!  Over 800 tips and tricks in all!  It won’t organize your linen closets or remove stains, but this e-book will offer you a good place to start. The authors have searched and compiled and created an organized e-book with 24 popular categories, featuring the best of tips in each group.

I’m only partially through the book and have already learned some great things including how to clean my curling iron, some cool blogging tips and even some creative use of frames for decorating!  And yes, one of my projects is in the book too!  I am very thrilled to be included with some awesome bloggers!

You can get your copy right now by clicking here!  Regular price is $8.00, but if you include the Coupon Code- SAVE1, you will receive a dollar discount.  A portion of every book sold benefits Mercy House.

Would you like the opportunity to win a copy?

Simply leave a comment below!  I will have a drawing on Friday, April 20 to determine the winner of a free copy of this amazing e-book!

And one more thing!

Do you have a fabulous tip to share? Please consider submitting a tip to That Works for Me that has made your life easier! It might be chosen as Tip of the Day and shared on theirFacebook/Twitter pages and end up in a future That Works For Me! e-book.

And during the month of April 2012, your submitted tip might just win you a clean house! A random submitted tip will be drawn on May 1, 2012 for a free house cleaning ($150 Visa gift card to be applied towards a local company). Simply click here to submit your tip for a chance to win!