Fresh cut tulips make a festive holiday arrangement!

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Nothing brightens up a kitchen like a bouquet of fresh cut tulips.  And this time of year, the spring flowers are all available at your local flower shops or grocery store.  They come in so many bright colors and can last up to a week.

We are having our annual family gathering tomorrow, celebrating Easter and two family birthdays at the same time.  Along with the usual requested food items such as baked beans and onion dip, I thought I might put a pretty bouquet together to give my sister, who is hosting the event this year.

I wanted to take a few moments and make the vase a bit festive, so along with some pretty tulips, I also bought a few bags of chocolate eggs.

I found a glass vase that will fit inside my big glass pitcher.

I then placed the chocolate eggs between the vase and the pitcher.  Very festive!

I then added the tulips, trimming off extra leaves to fit.

Very sweet.

I’m betting my sister loves it.  I’m also betting that there will be quite a few folks willing to dig into that vase at the first opportunity.  After all, the purple ones are dark chocolate.


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