Vintage Tuesday- Traveling back in Time…

Today, we are traveling back in time to 1973. Not that I can ummm… remember that year. Well, let’s just say I was in my “formative” years.  So strap on your helmet and get aboard the time machine. Be sure to put your seat in an upright position and properly stow your tray table.  Cellular phones must be turned off.  You aren’t going to need it in 1973 anyway, so leave the cellphone and the Bluetooth behind. You’re just gonna scare folks.

Some interesting facts about 1973:

Average cost of a new house: $32,500
Average income per year: $12,900
The barcode, optical fiber and jet skis were all invented that year.
Popular films included: The Exorcist, Paper Moon, American Graffiti, and Last Tango in Paris
Popular TV programs included: The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Columbo, The Waltons and The Price is Right.

Here we have an old Woman’s Day magazine dated February 1973.

A veritable stockpile of vintage info, fashion, cooking and advice.

One feature that Woman’s Day offers is a helpful monthly menu calendar.  This, I’m sure was to help the wife of the family come up with the meals for the week and an organized shopping list for when they hit the grocery store. Now being a working mom, I always had very little time to apply to my cooking skills.

Well, maybe I should just say that cooking is not my favorite thing. Even with best intentions, my mind wanders onto crafty things, I wander out of the kitchen and start working on a project and next thing I know, I smell something burning. And then end up with banana bread that looks like this:

Anyway, the helpful Woman’s Day magazine not only has menu plans, but recipes so that you can be super duper efficient. Something I am totally not, but I do aspire at least one day to bake a cake that is not lopsided. But in 1973, apparently what was considered tasty is a bit different from today’s options.  Here we have Masked Chicken, Mayonnaise.

Yep, that is what it is called. Chicken breasts topped with mayonnaise, sour cream, nuts, olive and hardboiled eggs. Layed out like a pasty white starfish.  Yummm!  But I have to say, I’d love to see the look on my husband’s face if I put it in front of him.

Doesn’t quite float your boat? How about some German Pizza?

Pizza topped with sliced knockwurst, caraway seeds and rinsed and drained saurkraut. Woah, buddy. Don’t rush the buffet table. There is plenty to go around!

Lets put the forks down and move to Interior Design. Here we have a photo of the latest and greatest furniture to hit the market. Plastic Furniture.

The article reads, “Within 10 years only antiques and the most expensive furniture will be made of wood. By 1980, it is estimated that 3.7 billion pounds of plastic will be used in furniture. This means that more plastic will be used than wood.”

I love it when there are projections in an old magazine. They expected us to be flying around in personal jet propelled vehicles like the Jetson’s by now. Things don’t always work out like you think. I’m not sure how true that statement is. But I do know that as opposed to this photo,  the only thing that is plastic in my living room is the television.

In the fashion department, we have this awesome crocheted suit in white double crochet with black weaving.

You can stop adjusting your monitor. It’s the pattern not the equipment that is currently messing with your vision. If you squint, it makes it less blurry.

Believe it or not, this suit is labeled, “Subtle Evening Ensemble”. I’m thinking that in 1973, the definition of subtle was a bit different than our current one.

What would they have considered over the top? Maybe blinking lights in the hem, random use of feathers, rhinestones and a billboard on her butt that says, “Look at me!”

Just sayin’.

 Crafts! My favorite thing! Let’s look at what 1973 had to offer!

Hmmm… I’m all for saving a bit of money and recycling, but I’m not sure I’d want a light bulb sculpture, candle holders made of old peppermills or a necklace made of toothbrush handles. Umm… toothbrush handles. That’s is what I said. I currently throw out my old ones, but I will keep this in mind next time I need to make a gift for someone. I’m sure they’d appreciate the personal touch.

Alright, back aboard the time machine. We’ve been here long enough and certainly don’t want to overstay our welcome. Please be sure to fasten your seatbelts. We will be serving a meal on the return flight. German pizza for everyone!

You know you want it…