Whiteboard Animation- a great summer project!

Looking for some ideas of fun things to do with the kids this summer?  Well, my friend Monica from Equipping Catholic Families and her very artistic daughter, Kelly, put together this amazing animation using a white board and dry erase markers.

By the way, Kelly is only 13 years old!  Check this out!

Want to put together your own white board animation?  Check out Monica’s post where she tells you how they did it!  The process is actually a lot easier than it looks!

And don’t miss some of Kelly’s other great creations.  Kelly’s facebook page: Kelly Comics.  And Kelly’s recreation of their family in cartoon. This was a post about her first movie (last year) about her little baby brother Adam.  And a direct link to the youtube: Adam-ated.

A big thanks goes to Monica for sharing this with me.  And Kelly- Awesome job!