2012 Photography Challenge- Pet Portraits

Okay, you have no idea what I had to go through to get this shot.  Ralph- the one on the left, hates getting his picture taken, and Faith, the one on the right, doesn’t like sitting that close to Ralph.  There was lots of growliness going on and entire series of doggy butt photos before I finally got a good one.

The pillow that they are laying on is Ralph’s bed.  We call it his “girlfriend” because he absolutely loves that bed.  He drags it from one end of the house to the other depending on where the action is.  Faith was lucky that he shared his favorite spot for this photo.

Both of my dogs are Pug mix; Faith is part Chihuahua, and Ralph has Beagle in him.  Surprisingly, they are not the slightest bit related.

So how did you do?

Email your Pet Portrait submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking Pet Portrait submissions all week!

Our theme for next week is “Still Life”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

This Weeks Submissions:

These are a couple of submissions of my dog Coco – a black and tan Coon Hound and my Cat Spookie a tortoise shell. (That guy is my hubby) 😀 ~ Jill- Florida

Chewbacca as I laid on the floor – Taken with Nikon D40 with a manual lense about two feet from her nose – then applied instagram effects.  Chewbacca just hanging around – Taken with Nikon D40 with a manual lense about two feet above her head – then applied sepia effects. ~Athena- www.thestuffofsuccess.com 

Callie Ann posing for her photo. ~Brenda Williams, Weatherford, OK- Cats, Kids and Crafts

Lizzie Miranda letting us know we were not going to leave without her. ~Brenda Williams, Weatherford, OK- Cats, Kids and Crafts

I have been trying to catch clyde on the fish tank for a while now and I finally got him. One day my friend saw him drinking the water from the tank and a fish bit his nose! he will even take naps up there. ~Debbie Phillips

My five year old wanted to see our French Bulldog, Finster, dressed up like a super hero. Finster was 11 years old and just passed away. He was the best dog ever! Patient, kind and willing to please. Full of wet kisses And always ready for a ride in the car. We miss him. ~Jacqueline-Dutchess County, NY

Me and my crippled hen, Willow. ~ Michele Preston- theoldbatzfarm.blogspot.com

This here is Wilbur. He’s a daycare dog and LOVES!!! every single one of our wee ones. ~Julie, Minnesota- http://healthywealthandwisenotbutlearning.blogspot.com/

Here’s my sweet Dora relaxing at the end of a rough day watching the birds and napping… Her 2 favorite things! ~Kathy H- Greenwood, SC

Charlie is our 9-yr-old, 18-lb. Norwegian Forest Cat. He unofficially adopted us when he was two by sleeping on the swing on our front porch after his family abandoned him. One day, I found a BB-gun bullet hole in his chest. After his emergency surgery, we kept him indoors, on our bed, and he became the youngest in the family. ~ Scrollwork from California- www.scrollwork.blogspot.com, www.etsy.com/shop/scrollwork

This is a puppy portrait of our big baby basset hound Mr. Mookie.  This was taken when Mr. Mookie was around 4 months old.  He is now 6 years old…still a big baby and weighs in at 50 pounds.  Mr. Mookie lives with his family down in Napier Field, Alabama.~ Randal Bradford

These are takes of my black buddy Prusik. The name is that of a climbing knot and was the idea of my rockclimber son. ~ Luc, Belgium

This is Abby & Frodo sharing the little “window to the world” on our back porch.  It sure was hard getting them to stay in position to get a good shot. ~ Debi

This is our 150 pound white Labrador named “Guero”.  He is a gentle giant and just a pleasure to be around.  The Stair photo is Guero’s grand-daughter Xena meeting our other labs (Oso and Junior) at 7 weeks.  Yes, Junior is the son of Guero.   We are US expats living in Baja California Mexico. We have six labs that enjoy the beach daily.   Our website for our animals:  http://www.woooosh.com/dogs__birds

Next Weeks Theme is “Still Life”

Still Life Photography is an art form in itself.  Lighting, position and general mood of the photograph is all manipulated and planned by the photographer.  It is the art of taking inanimate objects and creating a story, or evoking emotions in the viewer.  And it also gives you free reign to create something unique and magnificent.

So look around you and come up with an interesting still life.  Then come back here next week and we will all compare notes!  Need a few examples?

See you back next week!

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