A few tips on blogging from a crazy-eyed crafter…

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Ever thought about earning money by blogging?  Here are a few tips from this crazy-eyed craft blogger that might help you out!

a few tips from a craft blogger

1. I am not an expert.  And I am certainly not the best at trying to earn a living with my arts, crafts and blog.  I have a tendency to learn things the hard way.  Dealing with a computer and software does not utilize the arts and crafts side of my brain, and often results in me drinking gallons of Diet Coke after midnight while stumbling through my website with crazy eyes, just hoping that I didn’t totally shut down my entire website while I was trying to insert that silly dog photo.

2. I’ve had a bit of success, made a whole ton of friends and believe it or not, am finally earning some money from this whole venture!  Certainly not enough to buy that mountain home in the wilds of Montana so that I can call my old boss and brag about the beautiful weather, while I tend to my alpaca farm and make homemade butter; but enough to justify all the hours spent on putting this blog together.  The day job, unfortunately is still a necessity.

3. I blog because I love it and I hope that shows in my posts and tutorials.  I blog because I love to teach and I love to make new friends who have the same interests.  Believe it or not, I’m not the social butterfly in person that I am on the internet.  Blogging has a way of bringing out a personality in me that few folks in my real world ever see.

4. Now that I’ve had some success, I thought it might be helpful to my readers who are also bloggers to offer them some solutions to questions about blogging.  It certainly helps to listen to someone who knows what they are doing.

5.  Ummm….don’t look at me.  Unless of course, you enjoy sporting that crazy-eyed look.

6. A huge help was discovering Blogelina.  Blogelina offers some great courses for beginners and for those that want to start making money at home blogging.  Her advice is sound and simple to follow.  Even for me!

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