Feature Friday- Introducing my latest kit – Chicken Run!

If you are familiar with my more popular projects, then you have probably seen my tutorial on my Faux Stained Glass Peacock.  Since that tutorial was published, I have had numerous requests for the pattern, and the kit and pattern are currently the biggest seller in my Etsy shop.

So, it stood to reason that I should come up with a new pattern for this unique technique of creating faux stained glass with acrylic paints and school glue.

And that is how Chicken Run came about!

The process is simple.  Just put the full sized pattern underneath a piece of glass from a thrift store frame.  Add black acrylic paint to a bottle of white school glue and using the nozzle of the glue bottle, follow the lines of the pattern.  This creates the “leading”.

Clear glue is mixed with a drop or two of acrylic paint and the glass is painted in vibrant colors.

And here it is with the afternoon sun shining through it!  A cool rooster dude with his wife and kids by his side, welcoming the sunshine into your room.  If you would like try this project, the kit is now available in my new blog store.

The kit includes:

One full sized pattern – 13″ x 16″
One bottle of white glue
One bottle of clear glue
Acrylic paints in the colors needed for this project
One black sharpie pen
Full, illustrated instructions

All you need to supply is the thrift store frame and glass!

This is a great summer project that the whole family will enjoy, for only $20.00 plus shipping.  Please visit my new blog store and check out my available kits.   The store just opened and believe me, I have many more things coming, so stay tuned to the Sitcom!