Creating colorful bookcovers for Back to School!

This is the Iris Folding Pattern that I am using for this project.

iris folding pattern

iris folded book covers

Choose a color and cut a strip of paper that is wider than your numbered section when folded.  Fold it lengthwise and place over the section, starting with section number one.  Be sure the fold is towards the center and is facing up.  (We are working from the backside of the project).

iris folded book covers

Cut another color strip and fold lengthwise, placing it over section number two, tacking the two strips together with glue stick.  Repeat this process going around, being sure to do the sections in numerical order.

iris folded book covers

Continue around, in numerical order, using a glue stick to glue each strip in place.

The final piece is a simple square glued to cover the center.

Now lets flip it over and see how it looks!

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