2012 Photography Challenge- Photo Editing

Swan posterized/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #photography challenge

Our challenge this week was to take a favorite photo and edit it using the free website, Picmonkey.com.  Picmonkey offers so many choices of editing that it was actually difficult to decide.

I chose a photo of a swan that I took recently while on the Alabama coast for a family reunion.  This beautiful swan was at the Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  He was very grouchy as swans apparently are this time of year.  I took the photo from quite a distance away.  Grouchy or not, he still took a nice photo in spite of himself.

I played with this photo for hours.  But, my favorite take on it was using the “posterize” editing tool.  I love the abstract look of the final photo.  And the greens are just amazing.

So how did you do?

Email your ‘photo edit’ submissions to me!  Check out the Submission Guidelines.  I will post your photos here along with any information that you would like to include.  If you have a website, feel free to add a link to your site!  I will be taking ‘photo edit’ submissions all week!  Feel free to send your original photo!

Our theme for next week is “Action shots”.  See the information at the bottom of the post for details!

This weeks Submissions:

Oklahoma State Capitol #photography challenge

A Picmonkey edit photo of me in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol ~Brenda Williams- Weatherford, Oklahoma- Cats, Kids and Crafts

Aerial shot of the fairground of the National Peanut Festival down in Dothan, AL.  Picture was taken from the top of the “Giant Wheel” ~Randal Tice- Dothan, AL

Next Week’s Theme- Action Shots

Next week, we are going to try to catch motion in a photograph.  Since the digital camera is optimized to take photos of still objects, there are a few tips that you can use to get better action shots.

  • Add light.  The better light, the less chance your action shots will be blurry.  More light will increase your shutter speed, which can result in a clearer photo.
  • If your digital camera has a motion or child setting, use it.  It will automatically increase your shutter speed.
  • Use a tripod, or rest the camera on a stationary object.
  • Take a ton of shots.  Use quantity to your advantage.  I’m betting at least one of those photos is awesome.
  • And remember that a bit of blur in the photo is not a bad thing if it helps emphasize movement without taking away from the subject matter.

Would you like a few examples?

See you next week!