Commercial Break Thursday and great ideas from Walls Need Love

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This week we are featuring the folks from Walls Need Love.  Walls Need Love is a small company dedicated to their customer base.  Their mission is to make your house the stylish dream home you always wanted…and to do it with easy-to-use vinyl wall decals. They started in 2009 out of a “teeny-tiny decal cart” and, though they think like a big company now, they still consider themselves a homegrown business and that means you, the customer, are still the most important thing.

They offered some decals to me to try out.  Since my daughter has recently moved into a house with nothing but white walls, I extended the offer to her and let her choose what she would like.  She chose the Baroque Pop Wall Decals for her bedroom and Kaleidoscope Clock Decal for her kitchen.  I asked her to send me a before and after photo.

Here is the ‘before’ shot.  Ha!  Well, it probably would have been better if she had backed up a bit before taking the shot.  I’m assuming this is her bedroom wall, which would mean if you lowered the camera a few inches, you might make out a bed.  This is what I get for not elaborating.  Anyway, here are her walls with her new vinyl art!

Baroque Pop Art / Walls Need LoveDecal Clock/ Walls Need Love

She said they were easy to install and instantly added a bit of pop to her blank walls.  And best of all, these vinyl decals are very inexpensive!  Want to see a few more?

Walls Need Love / Suzys Artsy Craftsy SitcomWalls Need Love / Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

Walls Need Love / Suzys Artsy Craftsy SitcomWalls Need Love / Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

And this is just a small taste of what Walls Need Love has to offer!  Be sure to take a few moments and go check out their site and see their huge selection of vinyl wall decals.

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I was given free product by Walls Need Love. The opinions in this post are entirely my own.