5 DIY Craft Supplies that Save you Money!

Let’s face it, sometimes craft supplies can be expensive.  But I do have a few DIY ideas that can save you money.  You can get the same or similar look at a fraction of the price, and have a lot of fun in the process!

faux stained glass peacock / suzys artsy craftsy sitcom

One of the most popular projects on the Sitcom uses Faux Stained Glass Paint.  This DIY craft supply is easy to create, with fabulous results.  It gives the look of stained glass, but doesn’t have the higher cost of actual stained glass paint.  And it is kid friendly too!  Just check out some of my readers submitted projects!  And also these beautiful projects here!  You can even make faux tiffany!

 The Dainty Squid shows you how to make your own scratch off paint.  She used it on her business cards, which I personally think is a fabulous idea.  But think of the possibilities!  What about birthday cards, or even colorful scratch paper for the kids!

bread dough bear ornament

This Bread Dough Clay recipe has lots of possibilities. I use it in several projects including the Bear Christmas Ornament above, and a cute Bear Teacher Gift.  But there are lots of possibilities; jewelry, sculptures, and much more.  It is a viable substitute for expensive polymer clay, is kid friendly, and uses just a few items from your kitchen!

diy crackle paint partridge mirror

How about DIY Crackle Paint?  This simple substitute is so much less expensive than buying actual crackle paint, and you will be shocked at how easy it is!  I used the technique on my Holiday Partridge Mirror to cover up a beaten up wood frame. It’s a great look for just pennies.

How about a easy substitute for expensive Washi tape?  This DIY Washi Tape by Nifty Thrifty Things is simple to make and there are no limits to the different patterns and designs that you can now have in Washi tape!  At less than half the price!  Love this idea!

diy art supplies collageSo if you love to craft, and love to save a bit of money; check out these crafty ideas, and start creating!

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