Commercial Break Thursday- Free Advertising!

It’s Commercial Break Thursday and your opportunity for a bit of free advertising! Do you have an Etsy shop, a blog, or even a latest project that could use a free ad?  Take advantage of the popularity of the Sitcom and link up below!  You could be chosen to be featured next week!

This week, I am featuring Miha and her beautiful blog, Meeha Meeha.  Miha has fabulous taste in decorating.  In fact her blog is an extension of her design aesthetics.  Her love of color, and her clean style are illustrated beautifully in her photography.  Truly a joy to look at.

Miha says, “This page should be named “Stages of my home” instead.  Because you can find the same room at different stages in life. My constant mood swings require new home decor in order to reflect my current state of mind. So I’m happy to oblige and to transform my tiny apartment one more time”.

Just beautiful, isn’t it?  Please take a few moments to check out Meeha Meeha.  I’m sure you will be inspired!

Then take another moment and promote yourself!

Please feel free to link up your latest crafty project your blog or your Etsy shop.  That way we can all get a little self-promotion in. A little bit of advertising and self promotion never hurts.   Next week, I will randomly choose one of you to  feature.   Please link away, and be sure to visit some of the other folks who link up.

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