Refresh a Room Series Part 1: Revamp with Disney Paint!

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.

Did you know that Walmart now carries Disney Paint?  Up until recently, I was only vaguely aware of the paint department as I made my way through it to the craft supply section.  But, just recently, I discovered a whole new world of color just waiting to be discovered in the Walmart aisles.


I was recently challenged by Glidden to try out their Disney Paint products and give one of my rooms a whole new look.  And if you know me, you know I love a challenge.

disney paint

My guest room is ridiculously boring.  It is not only the storage area for my empty boxes (check the corner), but it has become the dumping grounds for all my extra, mismatched furniture.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to infuse some Disney in there and make it something special for when the future grandkids visit?

What is so awesome about Disney Paint? 

  • Disney Paint is a new line of paints available only at Walmart.  The paint captures the magic of Disney with 112 exclusive colors and five innovative specialty finishes that are easy to use and apply.
  • Disney Paint is a premium-quality, ultra-durable paint that was formulated with your child in mind to withstand wear and tear, as well as repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, little finger prints, and tough stains, such as grape juice, wash off easily without removing the magical color.
  • Disney Paint is low odor and has no VOCs.
  • Disney Paint has a distinct collection of colors grouped into palettes designed to give your children options at every stage of style – from infant to tween. The diverse palettes make decorating with your child – no matter the age – easy and fun.
  • Some colors are designed to complement not only each other but also Walmart’s Disney bedding and Disney room accessories, such as furniture, toys and décor options, sold in store or online.

disney paint

Just look at that color selection!  I have to tell you, it made choosing some colors a bit difficult!  My daughter and husband were happy to help me out and between the three of us, we chose Enchanted Violet to go along with the pale green walls already in the room.  The Walmart paint section is set up conveniently, and there is someone available there to mix up your colors just the way you want them.

Now how about some specialty paint?

disney paint

We are going to make this room pop!  So I couldn’t help but check out the specialty paints also offered by Disney Paint.  These include five innovative and unique specialty finishes.  Most are ready to use right out of the can, making the Disney magical touch easy to create!  They offer:

o   All That Glitters: A clear, ready-to-use top coat that provides a shimmering glitter finish that can be applied over any painted surface.
o    Speck-Tacular: A clear, ready-to-use topcoat that provides a sparkling confetti finish that can be applied over any painted surface.
o    Magnificent Metallic: A metallic paint, tintable to 24 unique colors.
o    Great Slate: A paint that turns any surface into a chalkboard. Available in ready-to-use black or tintable to a variety of colors.
o    Ready, Set, Glow!: A translucent yellow, ready-to-use paint that allows any surface to glow in the dark.

disney paint

 I was inspired by this room in one of their many brochures.  I just love the glow in the dark features!  The hubby seemed a bit alarmed by this choice, but I just know this room is going to look fabulous when I’m done with it!

disney paint

They even had a selection of Disney accessories to go along with the paint colors.  I have something special in mind for this Disney fairy.  Just wait and see!

So stay tuned to the Sitcom as this room starts coming to shape.  I will share with you the progress as the room comes together and even show you a few crafty additions I have in mind!  This should be lots of fun!

In the meantime, check out this video on the Ready, Set, Glow! Disney Paint products.

Part 2 of this Disney Paint Series can be found here.

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.